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  • Heimrikr posted an update 1 day, 2 hours ago

    It’s nearly 3am and I’m battling hardcore insomnia…

    It’s the strangest feeling having a chronic heightened sense of awareness of a distinct disconnection of the mind and body. In my case, the body is worn, torn, and broken. It’s BEYOND exhausted. I’m probably just maybe only another 12 hours away from total collapse like Cardiac Arrest or…[Read more]

  • Heimrikr posted an update 3 days, 5 hours ago

    I’ve been circling the toilet bowl for awhile now…. If this is all there is left in life for me, I’m ready to go now. I don’t want to live in a world where happiness is quantified by their income and faith in the newage religion of Materialism. Mercy is all I have left. When you have no quality of life EVERYTHING is just part of the overall…[Read more]

    • hey this feeling goes away. it’s temporary and since i don’t know you personally i cant say how long it’ll linger but i hope it goes away for you soon. if you feel too clouded with everyone elses materialism, depart from them for a bit and focus worldly things( that arent related materialism) for yourself. this is gunna be the mst baasic info…[Read more]

    • I also hate the culture of materialism!

  • Heimrikr posted an update 4 days, 6 hours ago

    If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there….

  • Heimrikr posted an update 4 days, 6 hours ago

    Money doesn’t make me happy…. So what am I doing still here….??

  • Heimrikr posted an update 4 days, 7 hours ago

    At what point do we classify someone an addict and officially in a state of substance abuse? If say a man goes to work everyday, provides for his family, handles his finances, and his other responsibilities BUT goes out every night and gets absolutely FACED? I know some of us would call that a “functioning alcoholic” but if the individual is…[Read more]

  • Heimrikr posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I always kept hoping my mind and body would adjust to sobriety but it hasn’t. My pain is at a record level. I wonder if I’m just being a pussy or if anyone else in my situation would have been hospitalized by now….. Just operating at this level of physical and mental strain has to be inhuman….

    A…[Read more]

    • Sounds real rough…I never meddled with opiods…sounds nasty

    • Id agree to seek a doc. And be honest. Express what u just said here. If they disappoint maybe not the right doc. Counciling to get shit off ur chest may help too.
      Pls do everything u can before your daughter losses her daddy for good . much love to u. Msg me anytime

      • Thanks for the kind words. Back in Feb 2018 I had a Grand Mal seizure after not being able to sleep for nearly 5 days. I was carrying groceries up the steps and just collapsed. Woke up to paramedics who carted me off to the hospital for 4 days of testing. No epilepsy, no tumors, no anomalies. Just a seriously depressed broken man. It’s sad because…[Read more]

        • I understand the loss. And am sorry for your pain. I had a similar experience when the guy i was w for 12 yrs chose to give up aswell. It took awhile to get over even tho i covered how hard it was. After a good walk one day, i chose to accept life is going to be different and i just have to let go. And i have. I wish you can come to this too one…[Read more]

          • It’s not that I’m giving up because I am feeling sorry for myself…. Or clinically depressed. I want to admit defeat and die in peace. Retain some dignity rather than have everyone watch me deteriorate, struggle pathetically, and ultimately fail hard. I don’t think people that you love should have to watch someone slowly suffer to death. It’s…[Read more]

  • Heimrikr posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    After years of trying to understand why many pain killing medications I so desperately needed but yet ruined me, never really were all that effective.

    Science in genetics may finally give all of us including doctors some answers and seriously help some of us that are possibly not self medicating but just simply misunderstood.

    Researchers have…[Read more]

    • Thats interesting…

      • I tried posting the link but the site wouldn’t let me. It simply said “You have posted too many links”

        I was like “DAFUQ? Where??”

        It is interesting. This information And discovery should set precedence for pain patients and for those of different ethnicities as we all are different and unique and thus drugs effect us all differently. I had this…[Read more]

      • I went ahead and created a forum thread about it. It allowed me to post the articles link there.

  • Heimrikr posted an update 1 month ago

    I’m not college educated, certified, or professionally trained in Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience but I have extensively researched it and studied it for years now. If anyone has any questions or needing any advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Heimrikr posted an update 1 month ago

    New here and this seems like a very fascinating site to discuss a wide variety of subjects so I immediately Joined. Anyway I have been scouring the internet and medical journals to find the answers I seek but have had zero results. I feel alone. And I feel I won’t have closure until I understand the issues I have been living with for years now.


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