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    Hi from Australia everyone! I have been addicted to smoking heroin for the better part of 20 years now, currently on methadone though now ( liquid handcuffs)😞
    Just out of pure curiosity can anyone tell me the price/ sizes of what’s a normal deal in the U,S? Every time I see a documentary about the opioid crisis or similar it seems like it’s so cheap over there that you can score for $10. That is completely unheard of in Australia so I was wondering if there was any truth to that?? And also about methadone, I’m currently on 20mg per day, how the hell does anyone get off the shit??! In my opinion it was a bigger mistake for me than heroin😞

    • You can score here for $10 for sure but most our heroin has fentanyl analogs

      • Thanks for answering personally! Wasn’t expecting that! That’s kind of awful that it’s so cheap over there, in my city u can’t get anything for less than $80 . Still haven’t come across fentanyl which is probably for the best judging from the horrific news stories coming out of the US…. LOVE your videos by the way, you are definitely one of the most articulate people when it comes to drug experiences👍

    • Alright I’m in Ireland we get a .2g bag for 20€ which is roughly 20 dollars US you’d get an ounce for 750 but it’s not more than 20/30% what Europe is waiting for is the emerging fentynal situation we are seeing in the US where the situation is directly
      Answering your question on methadone I’ve been on it for 17yrs I was on 90ml 6mnths ago now I’m on 18ml I’ve been clean off hard drugs 8yrs so I’m basically addicted to the methadone which is something I’m trying to rationalise but my aim is to be off for good in a few months I’ve got a place on an addiction help group which helps people in addiction good luck with getting off the methadone it’s possible

      • Thanks for replying 👍 all the best to you when you try to get off methadone, I am seriously considering if I am ready or not to quit as well. The worst thing for me is the insomnia, it drives me insane and that’s the part I’m dreading…. I have successfully reduced and then jumped off suboxone before, but I think that the bad effects only last 2 weeks max. It’s easier for me if I leave town/ the entire country even and keep occupied at all times! Please let me know if you attempt to jump off so you can tell me how bad it is, I’m on 20 ml so fairly similar dose. Good luck!!