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    Let’s talk 1p-LSD😉
    After effects?
    Let’s get this started!

    • I never tried it but I would have

    • It’s gotta be more safe than street acid I hear it’s like the cleanest LSD as far as the high

    • Yes 1p is way cleaner, in my opinion, it has a smoother come up and less of a comedown.
      Lsd-25 “or whatever LSD it was, never can be sure” leaves me pretty wrecked at the end, I’m thinking maybe 1p has less of a dopamine flood effect.

    • I faintly remember the few 1P trips I had, and I found it to be both colorful and visual. However, I found my experiences lacked introspection and conceptual thinking but that may have been my fault. Also, any nausea I had was after swallowing the tab, so I am wondering if anybody chooses not to swallow their tabs and doesn’t get nausea.

    • I would never swallow the tab, under the tongue.
      After about 30min I swallow.
      I had a 1p experience last night.
      Really euphoric!
      Very into!
      And way less body load than lsd25