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    Hi I’m new here – I’m a fully functional ice user, job, kids, friends etc. Have been using for over 1yr now, I’ve tried lots of drugs but since trying ice I don’t see the point of taking any other one…apart from when it’s combined ice, really hooked on ice with GHB and Ice with K. I thought I was in control and could choose when to take it but I guess it’s not like that. My brain has been rewired to think I’m fine but I’ve been taking more and more and it became routine and I need it just to function. Today is day 1 off being off ice. Wish me luck guys. Really hard to accept that i won’t do it anymore, I can’t even get rid of my pipe etc…hard to accept I feel that high anymore :/

    • I think the general problem with society is that we program people through social engineering and government propaganda that certain drugs are medically necessary and socially acceptable and certain others are not. But in reality that’s just not the case. The reality is that it’s simply part of the human condition to be creatures of addiction.

      And we as a civilized society have decided to pick and choose which substances which are acceptable and which are condemnable or “too dangerous.” Most of the rhetoric and strict details of our drug policies really don’t make any sense. The US has the FDA that approves certain substances based on a few generic guidelines to determine if they will approve a drug for human consumption and or is a controlled substance.

      Mostly they consider a pending substance for approval is it’s efficacy for medical use and it’s benefit for human consumption.

      Unfortunately the FDA had also appointed itself as the absolute authority as to what defines a consumable as an official “drug”. So they can simply refuse to acknowledge a substance is not applicable to even be sold as a drug.

      Then you have the assclowns at the DEA who’s entire framework on their process and classification of controlled substances are extremely flawed and outdated.

      Classes of Scheduled Class Controlled Substance with examples.

      CI- Class 1 (Heroin)
      CII- Class 2 (Oxycodone)
      CIII- Class3 (Hydrocodone)
      CV- Class 4 (Benzodiazapine)
      CIV- Class 5 (Codeine)

      The process in which they cassify these substances is ridiculously oversimplified with broad terminology. And it’s done deliberately. So they a essentially have appointmented themselves as the absolute authority on which substances will be legal or illegal or require a prescription.

      And their policy to determine a substances class is even more convoluted and flawed than the FDA process.

      Basically they decide the controlled class by their medicinal use and simply the substance potential for abuse. Which is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because I’m sure we all know by the FDA definition of a what constitutes a drug, Alcohol should be one. And also by the DEAs definition of a Class 1 controlled substance Alcohol should be on their list right up there with Heroin.

      And who is the absolute authority on which substances are a high or low Potential for physical and Psychological dependence? I think for people in general Addiction is truly subjective as a wide demographic of people vary in what specifically they can be addicted to. What some can’t resist to continue doing with even the threat of death may not be addictive at all to others. Genetics play a MASSIVE role in drug efficacy and certainly dependence.

      I think the nanny state drug policies in the US and abroad make drug related crime, substance death, and violence MORE severe and frequent.

      It’s a shame we all live in societies where ignorant uneducated greedy tyrants rule over our minds and bodies. And we are expected to submit to a system that governs by punishing the broken and damaged. Substance denial to all due to the sins of a few. And substance access to only the most profitable of substances.

      • I’m sorry I forget to add another point pertaining to your post. Just as you say you should cease your abuse of Methamphetamine, I think it’s a necessity for ANYONE abusing ANY substance to stop. Even abuse of water consumption can kill you. And if you understand that you can’t regulate your intake to a safe level then complete abstinence is certainly also necessary. However after years of research and experience I’ve found that our drug education, laws, and policies are based on greed, accessibility, and profitability. NOT safety or the public health. Just like alcohol should be a a CI drug, so should DXM and many others, Methamphetamine is a CI drug when in fact it has a proven medicinal benefit. But due to it’s ease of access through it’s simple synthesis, it can’t be regulated. Meaning the big fat cats can’t control profits and ensure only THEY profit. Same reason THC and Cannabis was outlawed for so long.

        Stay safe and welcome. 🙂

    • Hey Glitz.
      I’ve been 2 months clean of ice, still fantasize about using it often, and its quite intense. It’s just that enough of me is aware of what negative effects it will have, which outweigh the impulse to use. Good Luck 🙂