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  • So about a month and a half ago the inevitable happend. I was tired from being up all night and had to go to work the next day. I couldnt stay home because my girlfriend would have flipped out so I decided to rent a motel. You can imagine how that turned out I called a friend to get a session started and preety son I found my self returning to…[Read more]

  • Have a great blessed day everyone!

  • I feel like smoking meth has fucked up my lungs and now Im not getting the proper amount of oxygen to my brain so im slowly getting more stupid. Wow just reading that made me laugh a little. Back to my topic, Im having trouble catching my breath throught the day my throat burns and honestly I feel like ive permantly damaged my larynx. Im also not…[Read more]

    • I saw this in my bf who used. Hed stop breathing and it was so fucked up during sleep. They got better after he stopped so the damage may not be permanently fuct but ur body is trying to tell you its suffering. If u cant stop which is what i think u should try to do. And can do, i promise, then maybe stop smoking as much. I dont want to encourage…[Read more]

      • I smoked it for 2 years. I was coughing up green and dark shit. I couldn’t catch my breath either and constantly wheezed. I heard that it crystallizes in our lungs as when the shit cools down in a bowl. I dont know but I went to injecting it after 2 years. Worse mistake ever. For some reason I still coughed shit up after not smoking it.
        As…[Read more]

        • I was fine for the first couple of years but as I got older I guess my body finally had enough. I always have this constant wheezing sound coming from my lung. I had a punctured lung before and I have always wonderd if smoking meth ate through my lung tissue.

      • I stopped smoking a week ago but I relapsed on Thursday. I felt so stupid so shameless to have messed up again. I have asked god so many times for 1 last chance at life that now I just feel ashamed to even think of him. I know deep down in my heart that this isnt the real me. I dont want my son to grow up seeing me like this. Im trying so hard to…[Read more]

  • These last couple of months have been a reminder of how easly meth can seduce my blissful mind. I have been smoking meth since 2005 its now 2018 . If you would have asked me 13 years ago what is meth to me I think my answer would be “just to get high” living life to thefullest. What a load of shit. Sure it had its moments but what dosent. I alw…[Read more]

  • That point were you know you have done irreversible damage to your body and feel like you deserve it.

    • Those are the meth demons talking. Tell them to go away. U can heal ur mind and body. Not all damage is irreversible. U are forgiven. And never alone. They control u now. Keep telling them they must leave. And if you believe where im coming from. Ask God to help you fight the demons that lie to you and keep u in their trap cycle. All is forgiven.…[Read more]

      • I verry much belive in god and I hope he hasnt left my side. I will keep hope in my heart even when days seem hopeless thank you for taking the time to write back, I hope you are doing well.

    • I thought I was permanently twacked but it took months or even at least a year to feel at base again. Lots of intense work along with patience with myself. I still do the mouth swagger and tongue tangle when I concentrate and people point it out to me. Guess I’ll always have a twitch but its gotten so much better.
      It use to be easy for me to say I…[Read more]

      • Thanks for the feed back MOZZ and I pray for the strenght to stay sober long enough to notice some changes. When my insurance kicks in Im thinking of going for a check up and finally letting my doctor know ive been using and hopefully he can help me nutrition wise.


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