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    Im 15 years old and have been vaping for about a year now. I want to quit but it’s very hard going to school without my vape. Without it i’m very stressed and find things much harder. It’s also hard with the social aspect of it. Everyone at school and even church does it. I feel bad hiding it from parents and other family members. I also would feel terrible if studies did come down showing it causes disease and maybe even cancer. Thank you to anyone listening. Tips for how to quit would be much appreciated!

    • hey i would recommend tapering down in dosage i.e 12mg nic juice down to 6 or 8 mg nic then down to 3mg nic. I’d make sure to notice if you’re vaping a lower dosage more, maybe keep count of how much you use it, it’ll be hard but it gets easier when you get down to the lower dosages, as for everyone doing it, I would keep clear for a few months, not avoiding them completely just when they’re vaping, what mod do you have cause some have a puff counter hope this helps.

      • ps direct message me if you have any further questions everyone here wants the best for each other

    • I was so close to quitting by alotting time for usage. IE: a few puffs before work, after, and then before bed only. I started slow though, from 5 sessions a day down to 3 then 2 for a bit. Then i had some life hit me and I stopped caring… but for that time i was doing great! Like menzi said, stick to lowezt nicptine you can get and slowly taper off by using slightly less every day. As someone who started in high school, Im glad youre smart enough to want to quit now. It only gets harder as you get older. Good luck man