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  • Tried both 1P and 1A (ALD-52) a bunch of times.
    Can’t tell the difference between them and LSD up to 200ų (never been above).

    They indeed should be cleaner on average, but the vendors online are not always 100% reliable. Some countries have already banned those RCs (think UK for example), and some merchant might be selling other chems instead…[Read more]

  • FriendlyChemistApprentice posted an update in the group Group logo of PornographyPornography 12 months ago

    Hey everybody! I’ve got a question for you.
    Do you think porn developed your kinks/fetishes or were they there to start with and porn just helped you find them?

    (or in a more direct wording: did porn fuck you up or were you always fucked up?)

    For my part, I’ve started watching this stuff (and experimenting) pretty young. And it’s only recently…[Read more]

    • Personally, they developed them. I already knew most of them.

    • Personally, they developed them. I already knew most of them.

    • I think I was always weird but porn certainly encouraged already present fetishes. Now I’m so desensitized to porn it bores me.

    • Porn didn’t fuck me up, I was always fucked up 😀
      Seriously though what I like to watch an what I like to do really differs. From the types of person to the sex itself. I don’t know…

    • I think most males have a very similar fetish or kink of dominance. It’s probably evolutionary and porn or over stimulation let’s it or forces it out.

      • The (nuanced) male domination / female submission is a tendency I see averaging more and more around me.
        I always have this feeling that it’s coming from primitive instinct but overcoming instinct is humanity’s thing.
        Is porn leading this “regressive” tendency? (not implying that it’s bad to start with)

        I love that we can fuck like animals, but I…[Read more]

    • Yea man, the more porn I watched the kinkier i got

    • half and half

    • I think that it brought it out of me. Yes I always masturbated alot, but no twelve year old knows about extreme kinks in detail. From a young age “kinks” especially violent ones will fuck you up. This is all IMO.


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