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    Anyone use poppy tea? (Pods/seed) Im currently extremely dependent on the stuff. I got started on opiates when i was 16, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was given 30 vicodin on top of another 30ct script of vicodin from a back injury due to high school football. I remember from the first one of those I took I knew it was gunna be a problem. Very quickly moved up to stronger meds like oxymorphone(opana.) Luckily I wasnt making enough money to support a pill habbit like that and never moved to dope, so I switched to something legal and much cheaper, poppy tea. Life became much more stable switching to that from pills, but now that quality and supply has dropped im spending way too much money on this shit only to still be sick all the time. I really want to quit but i just have so much trouble with PAWS from opiates. Does anyone have tips for getting your motivation and happiness back after the acute withdrawal? Its why I relapse everytime.

    • Poppy tea is ridiculously dangerous

      • All drugs can be harmful if misused or you don’t practice proper safety. I always make a tester dose to guage the potentcy of each batch. But I understand your concern.

        • Honestly i’d look in to some sort of NA meetings near yourself and if you’re still relapsing going to a doctor or clinic and getting started on methadone/suboxone, honestly i’d recommend suboxone over methadone since you won’t be able to use opiates on top of it. In my eyes it saves money, adds stability and after a few weeks you’ll just feel normal and since it’s still filling the opiate receptors I doubt PAWS would be a problem, maybe if you went on something like that you’ll be able to have the clarity of finding out why you’re subject to addiction and then sorting that problem out. Just my take on the issue.