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  • flood posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 11 months ago

    Anyone use poppy tea? (Pods/seed) Im currently extremely dependent on the stuff. I got started on opiates when i was 16, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was given 30 vicodin on top of another 30ct script of vicodin from a back injury due to high school football. I remember from the first one of those I took I knew it was gunna be a problem.…[Read more]

    • Poppy tea is ridiculously dangerous

      • All drugs can be harmful if misused or you don’t practice proper safety. I always make a tester dose to guage the potentcy of each batch. But I understand your concern.

        • Honestly i’d look in to some sort of NA meetings near yourself and if you’re still relapsing going to a doctor or clinic and getting started on methadone/suboxone, honestly i’d recommend suboxone over methadone since you won’t be able to use opiates on top of it. In my eyes it saves money, adds stability and after a few weeks you’ll just feel…[Read more]


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