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    One of my most mild Salvia experiences- I took one big inhale of the stuff in my bathroom and found myself in a very calm, dreamy state. What I experienced was almost like a daydream written by someone else that I was simply riding like a wave. I saw a family of 3, possibly somewhere in the UK. (I say that because they all had British accents) There was a Father, Mother, and small child at a park with a big field and soccer goals. They were teaching the child how to play soccer, all the while laughing and bonding. I could feel the love of the parents and the happiness of the child. It felt like I was watching a home movie for which my eyes were the camera lenses. There was more detail involved, but it’s been so long that I forget. The simple fact that I witnessed a raw family experience of people I’ve never seen or met was fascinating to me. Some believe I may have been remote viewing, others say it’s Salvia revving my imagination engine.