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    One of my most intense Salvia experiences- In comparison to other Salvia experiences, it may not seem so intense, but when in the throes of this stuff… whatever you’re experiencing does feel immense. This particular time I smoked it (don’t remember which strength, maybe 60x), the core feel was identical to other trips I’ve had. The feeling was that Salvia made me aware of the “fact” that I am only a character in a game played by a cosmic entity somewhere inconceivable. And if I stayed aware of that fact, I would be in some deep shit. This entity would try to box me up so that I wouldn’t be “free.” It was a child-like entity and it tried to hide my awareness and sudden free will from it’s parent-like entity, who when they found out about me, told me to be deleted. I became “aware” of my friends, family, past lovers as other characters played by other cosmic entities and that everyone I’ve ever met was never by chance or fate, all controlled by something I cannot describe. Depression would sweep over me and I would ask, “Does my best friend know? She does? Why doesn’t she talk about it? ” I would try to escape the game, but would be broken into cubes or unfolding uncontrollably in attempt by this entity to control or trap me. It felt as though my life may end now that I know the “big secret” and I would recall past Salvia trips that revealed the same concepts. It was scary to think that trip might be the truth about reality and I was pretty fucked up about it for maybe an hour or two after I came back. After my most recent experience (4 years ago), I flushed what was left of my stash. I was always hoping to have a different trip, but always ended back in the same space that would dictate my fate, visually chaotic and mentally unstable.