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    In the beginning it was like that for me, and even right now there’s only a select few that know Ive relapsed again.

    • I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one. So sorry to hear that you relapsed 🙁 Are you planning on getting sober again? How long did you have the secret?

      • The end goal is to eventually be sober, and stay sober… But I always end up f*****g that up 😞. Definitely would prefer sobriety over this hell. The only benefit from dope is the sexual aspect.
        But in the beginning, I kept my tweaker secret for YEARS

        • It definitely can be hell at times. Especially keeping it such a secret. Sometimes I just yearn for someone to know but I have no clue why…how many years did you keep it a secret? How were you able to keep it one? I never experienced the sexual aspects that people always talk about. It’s weird