• Chief Rocka posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 5 months ago

    Alright folks I’m a recovering opiates user with 8 yrs clean off hard drugs but also I’ve been on methadone for 17yrs never going higher than 90mg I’m presently on 18mg I’ve been reducing over the last year or so roughly 2mg every 2weeks basically I’m more addicted to methadone as a mental and physical crutch I do smoke weed but no more than a gram or two and day the side effects of reducing off the methadone is important not sleeping well I maybe get 4 or 5 hrs of unbroken sleep I’m looking at getting some ibogaine or kratom to help me when I’m down to low numbers on my methadone reduction have any of you successfully come off methadone longterm after being on it for years?

    • MOZZ replied 5 months ago

      Methadone is a bitch. I would switch from Suboxone to methadone. Back and forth for years. Than back to opiates. I went to Ayahuasca ceremonies to try and kick. The only success I found was getting locked in a padded cell dressed in a turtle suit and just a hole in the floor to shit in. Jail. Than a sober living home with recovery meetings.

      All of it was circles for me. One drug for another. I feel you though man. I know what it feels like to not be able to travel or work without that clinic.
      I’ve been 2 years off of it. I still go to meetings.
      Just only thing I found that’s worked for me

      • Fair dues I’m ready to come off I live a pretty clean and sober lifestyle but I need structure I’ve got a lot of free time not that relapse is a issue but from watching a few different voices on the subject and a lot of people like you said give meetings a go there’s one local to me so I’m toying with the idea

      • You can easily travel…guest dosing is a very easy process.