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  • ChannelingFreya posted an update in the group Group logo of MethamphetamineMethamphetamine 8 months, 1 week ago

    @meranda1212 My friends are using meth, one even injects. I’ve heard him say that I’d like it if I just tried it…I am holding fast on the stance that I will never try it, I just know it won’t be a good outcome if I think I can do it just once to see…

  • ChannelingFreya posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 8 months, 1 week ago

    Well, I have decided that my occasional recreational marijuana use is fine. I’m taking was worse drugs for my depression and PTSD; considering medical marijuana was just approved in Oklahoma, I don’t have to worry about the legal issues. (Recreational is on the ballot later this year…)
    I know this is going to sound like crazy reasoning, but my…[Read more]

  • ChannelingFreya posted an update 11 months ago

    Had a great day today. Took a day trip to Tulsa with my parents. It got my mind off of my personal relationship drama, lol. So hard to walk away from an addict knowing they probably won’t follow you on the path of recovery. How would you even make someone see how much better life would be if they weren’t dedicating 90% of their time, resources and…[Read more]

  • Also, my shit week from last week is turning into a shit month; so yeah, living the dream ova here.

  • My phone notifications keep saying I have messages or something, but when I look I can’t find anything. Gotta be Mercury retrograde or something. Can’t be that I am inept or anything…

  • It has been a craptastic week for me. Family loss, “friend” drama, car issues; just one thing after another. I’m coping pretty well but I am finding myself going into cocoon mode where I just don’t want to see anyone. At least I have my online buddies to chat with when I want to people a bit, not too much though! lol

  • I am getting notifications pop up on my Android that I have messages on the messenger app; but when I go look, nada.

  • I’m curious how many addicts or ptsd/trauma sufferers are incorrectly diagnosed with personality disorders? I’ve been working therapy for a while and it’s like peeling an onion. Always another layer beneath what you just exposed. And more reasons why I act and react as I do…

    • I think my girl is. Sometimes I can’t tell if she’s high or just lost it. Sometimes she claims ptsd but when she does, almost every time I see her pupils are huge. She has been through alot as a teen though. If you know what I mean. But she does usually scream ptsd. I don’t know. It may self proclaimed. I haven’t seen any proof since we’ve been…[Read more]

    • Oh my Lord! I litterally had to find myself out, and when I told my psychiatrist what I thought was up, (bipolar mania with a splash of PTSD) and he was just star struck, he like “holy shit, dude I think your right! Med changes all around!”
      And yes my psychiatrist it like 25 and we play video games together, so he doesn’t watch his language around me

  • ChannelingFreya posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 1 year ago

    I get that relapse happens, or can happen; but this is twice in a weeks time. If it were just that I got high, it wouldn’t be so bad. But both times I got high and made a less than optimal decision that could have very bad repercussions. Just feeling like total crap ATM.

    • Hey!guess what,i relapsed too,on saturday night 🙁 something very minimal though and all that happened was that i fell asleep.Interesting thing is that my head pressure and dry eyes went away 🙂 .Haven’t even thought about doing it again.

      • Cool. Just gonna push restart and carry on over here. 😉 Mine wasn’t minor, bit could have been much worse. Going to quit kicking myself though. All we can do right?

        • yeah,i mean…we’re really going through some difficult times after all.Mistakes WILL be made.Better to deal with them rather than just overthink or feel overly guilty.we’re doing the best we can,all of us 🙂

    • If u can be a example of getting sober you can be a example of starting over to show people that it is possible to pull your self out of that life

  • ChannelingFreya posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 1 year, 1 month ago

    I hardly ever smoke anymore, but it has always been my DOC. I got super high a few days ago and let’s just say mistakes were made. 🙁

  • ChannelingFreya posted an update in the group Group logo of Self Harm SupportSelf Harm Support 1 year, 1 month ago

    Glad to see a self harm group; I have struggled with self harm since my early teens. It took a very long time for me to get a grip on it and even now I still have the urge, I have just learned to be more effective at stopping myself and not letting so many things drive me to that edge.

  • I’m not struggling with addiction now; but I still seem to keep attracting those who are. One of my friends suggested it’s because I am understanding and compassionate and let people do as they will without judgment. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


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