• Cdblucky13 posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I fu@ked up and relasped just cause someone was smoking the shit. I hate it that I have to start over and threw away the three months I did without.

    • Don’t sweat it brother. It happens to the best of us. You need to understand you do need to cut other addicts out of your life because they’re going to do this to you. It’s part of the process.

      • Damn I’ve tried doing the best I can going to church trying to fulfill what I never did when I was younger. One sudden action and I’m succombing to the shit like it was meant to happen no it wasn’t but it feels screwy. I hate the anhedonia I feel the shit every waking moment and it keeps me from enjoying anything even the most important things. My dad’s a addict all my dad’s friends that are somewhat tied to most of my friends. The shit sucks it’s like I’m alone in my path of choices and destruction is laughing it’s ass off at me

        • My family try to be somewhat supportive but I am judged and snubbed by many of them. They have all mostly just stopped talking to me even though I got my shit together. And I wouldn’t really call me an addict and definitely not a “junkie”. I was legitimately seeing a pain management doctor for nearly 4 years until my insurance cut me off from the fall out of my nasty traumatic divorce. And with the Pain doc refusing to even help me get off the drugs THEY got me addicted to, I think it’s a bit harsh to call someone a “junkie” that has legitimate medical reasons and legally authorized to take these drugs. Especially when I was broke and had no immediate options so it’s natural to turn to the streets. But I never went for the hard stuff. No heroin or anything. I just needed the meds I was prescribed. That’s what I honestly needed. Now I just try to cope in other ways like I sometimes take Adderall to push me through the day. But never over the max therapeutic dose.

          Find something that truly makes you happy. And other medications may have to be utilized to help you cope. Talk to your doctor about it.

          • I feel ya back in 08 one guy I looked up to got hooked on hydros and he had multiple shoulder surgerys so they prescribed them in large amounts and eventually led him to get lost in his struggle after just having child he talked about selling some shit he had to buy a pistol and kill his self with it a few days before he did commit sucide he eventually stole a 38 and was freaking out about going to prison so this and some other shit led to him pulling the trigger with the gun pointed up in his mouth outside a vehicle on a gravel road I witnessed the funeral it was a open caskett don’t think I’ll ever forget it but life is so fucked I have to say