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    I happened upon your vid on the terrible effects of meth. I was a stray user about 5 years ago and I can tell you exactly how powerful this drug is. I took it in pipe form and it turned my life upside down. What is strange about the effects is that it tries to convince you the the drug taking is not playing a major part of your oncoming problems. It is insidious. I physically separated from my associates that helped me to use and moved far into the country where meth is not widely found. I did without it for about a year but there was always the calling to see if I could find a source. Last month I had to travel through LA to catch travel to Atlanta and I happened upon some old friends that were users and I have a temporary relapse. The effect was a great high but suffered a far more severe down that started to pound into my brain that this stuff is not worth it. I still maintain that memory and remind my self that it is not ever worth it. Previously I had never tried drugs of any kind and this was a huge wake up call to understand how I was going to treat my body. I wanted to thank you for your empathetic video that gives me strength that I could have found other wise.

    • I relate heavily, meth is very deceptive. When I was smoking it I didn’t think it was that bad, I compared it to ecstasy that was socially accepted and said to myself “this is just cheaper and more fun.” WRONG. Both drugs are dangerous, but with meth, I lost more than any substance abuse! Everyone’s drug of choice is different per individual based on genetic predisposition, being experimental is dangerous because once you find your drug of choice it has you and it won’t let go. For some it’s alcohol, others cocaine, some Xanax, for me it was meth.