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    Not be be a downer, but what’s the point of living when your living situation is threatened. I’m always on the edge. Always pushed.

    • You shouldn’t keep yourself in that situation… there’s gotta be a different place for you. I’m sure there’s shelters? Family members? I don’t know but you shouldn’t jeopardize your life over your current living situation….get it together brother. There has to be a way. Prayers to you man.

      • I appreciate this message man. I’m working on keeping my head up and staying positive. Actually trying to finish school and then move away somewhere

        • Yes, stay positive. And I wasn’t trying to be offensive by any means. Just take it a day at a time brother. I’m always here if you need to talk. Take care friend.

          • My family is a issue. I take no offense. Like it’s time I get out in the world and do something instead of staying I had 2 readings one time and both psychiis said I must leave because my dad was abusive but little did I know he was dying. But now he’s gonna I can leave without doubts and fears