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    I just wanna say I’m ashamed of ever experimenting because a week after my dad died. Me and a few friends were at a benefit to raise money for expenses for my dad’s funeral, a little rave. I was drinking and been dealing with alcohol since he passed anyways my friends and I decided to jet out and go to casino to run around and act fools. We had fun everything was fine. Once we got to my house I didn’t think about the alcohol, my friend asked for phenibut and I gave him some. I didn’t mention don’t take too much mixing with alcohol. Well he took to much and that friend went home and didn’t wake up, his autistic sister found him, he wasn’t dead but he had choked on vomit. I have serious regrets and been so so depressed about my decision making or even me and my friends decision making lately since my dad passed. Even though he didn’t die he was in the hospital on life support I didn’t find out till 2 o clock that next day. I was so shocked. I was so in shocked I could not shed a damn tear but I know I was seriously hurt and told his parents the truth, apologized told them I would never harm a person I care and have love for, I care about everyone so much. I’m lucky that they didn’t judge me and my roommate, I’m glad we werent thrown out of his life. I’m grateful he’s alive. I feel more responsible than he does even if it was an accidental shit could have been alot worse I’m just saying be safe with phenibut. It is considered “safe” but there is always risks. Don’t drink and do phenibut. Don’t mix. Watch out for your friends. Just thought I’d share since lately phenibut been on The doctors and news and other places in media.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize phenibut could be that harmful. I personally don’t really care for the stuff that much. I’ve got a big stash of it that’s getting pretty old from just sitting around for a couple years.

      Thanks for sharing your experience & glad your friend turned out OK. Sorry about your dad passing too…

      • I honestly love the stuff, but I knew like it can damage liver if taken to frequent, I’ve always been aware of harm when in use with other gaba type substances like benzo’s alcohol, neurontin, and so on. I just was so fucked up and stoned I totally forgot to warn him idk if it was just me, I have flash backs of him digging into the bag and pouring phenibut down his throat 3 times. A 5 gram vial I don’t think it was full though. I feel really responsible I gave him a kinda safe supplement then it immediately turns deadly. Death can happen mixing it with other gaba downers. I hugged his parents and told them how deeply sorry I was and that I love
        and care about their son and I wouldn’t give anything that I wouldn’t/haven’t taken or known it could do so much damage. He was aching so much he had a spinal tap because the doctors couldn’t figure out what synthetic he took but they knew he took some kind of synthetic.