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    Let’s talk about oxycodone… my first and last use of oxycodone was around christmas last year. At that time I was already addicted to cocaine and I was craving something to snort really bad. I was at my parents house and I didn’t have access to cocaine so I was searching for something else. Eventually I found the oxycodone of my dad. I’ve been using this stuff for 3 days in a row and it got out of control pretty fast. I felt a slight euphoria at first, but afterwards I just felt tired and was not able to talk at all. It was even hard to listen to someone, because of the tiredness. I fell asleep several times throughout the day and I was shocked when I looked in the mirror. My pupils were so small, you could barely see them. I stopped after 3 days, I was afraid of dying and it also didn’t felt that great to me. The withdrawals are disgusting as hell. My body ached in every part and I had severe cramps. I slept poorly at night, felt cold, felt warm, sweating, freezing…it was hell. So if anyone of you ever thought about using this substance, don’t ever fucking do that! I know some people react very differently to that, but it’s not worth the try!

    • First time i did oxy’s i snorted em too. Made me sick didnt like em.. Yrs later started poppin em w my bf .. Didnt love em first few times but didnt take long before i started to recognize and enjoy the feeling.. Theyd make me throw up and ud feel so high after.. I learned to love the HIGH.. Crashing was a miserable place to be though.. Feel like gravity stepped up its game, snappy af and just felt like shit overall. I still want them and dont trust myself to ve near them. They are intended for cancer patient pain. Not i dont like my life pain. How they are given out so freely is crazy to me.. Im glad u didnt enjoy ur experience and warn u to keep that memory as w all drugs .. They get better w tolerance but the more that goes up, the lower your morals go down.. And i swear they are made to make us get on harder shit like heroin cus they are way too expensive to keep going on so when ya find somthing cheaper that has same effect and maybe more intense and more addictive because of those reasons.. Its too easy to give em a whirl.. So i agree.. Not worth a try.. And deff not worth trying again.. That may be where it gets ya.. Thats where my heavy drug life started anyway i believe.

    • Opiates, in general, are a weird territory. It’s a learned high, some people instantly love it but myself and most others had to keep using it to learn to like it and by that point, you’re physically dependent. Really shitty experience. Heroin it seems isn’t as much of a learned high as I loved it the first time I tried it, same with opium, which is why I see these two as more dangerous for myself.

    • opiates are a cruel and deceiving class of drugs, at first you feel somewhat underwhelmed by what the media portray opiates feeling like but it slowly starts to pull you down and keep you in it’s clutches, the first time I did a opiate it was morphine and codeine, all I felt was nice , just nice this is the trick of opiates they just seem nice if anyone can relate or understand what I mean (sorry for the ramble).