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    Kratom saves lives. I love it, and it needs to remain legal. I used to take it all the time- great for motivation, creativity, and a boost of energy- but I gave it up about 6 months ago because the D.E.A. keeps threatening to ban it. You don’t want to be hooked on it if the ban goes through- believe me, the withdrawals can be pretty damn bad for those long-term users that become physically addicted and dependent on it (like I was). The great thing about it though is that it is totally safe, it gets people off heroin and harder opioids. You can’t O.D. from kratom, because it doesn’t produce repressed breathing like opiates do. Hence, it saves lives; needs to stay legal. Support the American Kratom Association if you want to help protect the right of U.S. citizens to continue eating plants

    • I agree 100%, kratom should be kept legal as a safer alternative to other opiates…especially with the fentanyl crises abomination going on…

    • I can vouche for it helping others

      • Yeah, I’m quite pissed that the DEA is reallllyyy pushing to ban it now. I keep getting emails from the American Kratom Association about it. It’s sad that if it does get banned, a lot of addicts are going to end up going back on the harder opioids, which are deadly (whereas kratom really isn’t) and it’s a shame that the DEA and FDA have been ignoring the science behind kratom’s pharmacological effects. They just say it should be banned because it binds to opioid receptors like other dangerous drugs do, but kratom isn’t dangerous- you can’t O.D. and die from merely taking kratom leaf. Bigpharma has their big ties with BigGovernment so they want to ban it- they want people addicted to their pharmaceuticals instead.