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    Is anyone else here addicted to poppy seed tea? I want to quit taking it, but the withdrawals last so damn long because of all the akaloids in it that build up in your body and slow down the withdrawal process. Poppy seed tea is mainly morphine and codeine but all the other alkaloids make it take from a couple weeks up to a month to get through the withdrawals. Sucks! Any tips or home remedies to get through it would be appreciated if anyone else is dealing with a similar problem.

    • I did, I told a hospital I was detoxing from opium and they gave me this weird look like they’ve never really seen that so I get it’s obscure. It’s a hard thing. The withdrawals are super gnarly, as bad as heroin, after the physical withdrawal I deal with the legality and refuse to drive by certain places I know carry it. After some time, I stopped caring. The thing with poppy seed tea is it’s extremely dangerous, there’s no telling the concentration of opium within any particular batch which was a motivation to quit. Many people can die from this thinking they’re taking a relatively “light dose.” It’s just not worth it. If the withdrawal is making it impossible to stay sober, I’d seek medical attention. If you don’t have health insurance, I’d call nonprofits to see what’s available. Medication to ease the symptoms and being in a place where you can’t use is very beneficial if quitting on your own is literally impossible. Proceeding detox I’d get involved in as many long-term abstinent recovery programs / support groups I could find.

      • Yeah the thing is there’s a place that sells pounds for 5 bucks a piece just a couple blocks down the street. I’ve been tapering though which will make it much more bearable. Poppy seed tea definitely can be dangerous, not something to take lightly, especially if one has no tolerance. That’s an easy overdose.