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    I’m new here but I’ve been hiding it for over 10 years. My fam and friends have absolutely no idea. How do u stop when it’s not affecting ur life the way it does with most people? I work, I pay my bills, I am close to my friends and family, I don’t hide, I sleep every night, I just do it in the morning and go about my day and I don’t ever go on binges or tweak out super hard but I will say that it gets old and I’m tired of doing it but how do I manage to stop when it would do more damage to tell anyone than to just not. And I’ve stopped before and it causes me to have anxiety like no other and cry about freaking everything and after being passed out for 3 days… And then try explaining that to everyone… So I haven’t been able to exactly just stop again… What would u do?? What should I do? Sorry for the long post… I tried to keep it short and failed ..

    • What you should do and what I would do are definitely very different. Circumstances are subjective and I haven’t walked in your shoes. What should you do? What you feel is right. What would I do? I definitely wouldn’t continue using. I mean, unless I plan on using the rest of my life it’s going to have to stop some day and the sooner the better. Also, I was a functioning addict which isn’t something I share about much on my channel. I held a job and even got an associates degree the whole time I was using. What I’ve learned is, as you said, it gets old. It just stopped being the fulfillment I was looking for in life. Everything that seemed could be fulfilling, meeting new people, having time to help others, drawing closer to family – drugs got in the way to some extent whether that be consumption of time, finances, or my emotional/physical wellbeing.