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  • 1ofAkind posted an update in the group Group logo of Secret AddictSecret Addict 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’m new here but I’ve been hiding it for over 10 years. My fam and friends have absolutely no idea. How do u stop when it’s not affecting ur life the way it does with most people? I work, I pay my bills, I am close to my friends and family, I don’t hide, I sleep every night, I just do it in the morning and go about my day and I don’t ever go on…[Read more]

    • What you should do and what I would do are definitely very different. Circumstances are subjective and I haven’t walked in your shoes. What should you do? What you feel is right. What would I do? I definitely wouldn’t continue using. I mean, unless I plan on using the rest of my life it’s going to have to stop some day and the sooner the better.…[Read more]


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