How Some Marijuana Users are Misunderstood

The Common Stereotype Medicinal Marijuana Users Face

Sometimes people look at medicinal marijuana users in their daily lives as “stoners” and/or “potheads.” I am here to tell you that not everyone that uses marijuana Is just looking to get high or fit in with the “cool” crowd. Some of us use it as a way to live comfortably, eat well, and not feel like absolute garbage everyday of our lives.

Now I know there are people who don’t benefit from marijuana or get more negative than positive consequences from using it. I completely understand that aspect. There shouldn’t be this taboo on medicinal marijuana users who choose utilize it’s healing properties over other mind altering or body harming pills (such as pain killers or amphetamine based prescriptions like adderall). While I understand marijuana isn’t medicinal for everyone, it’s frustrating when people start trying to paint marijuana as this evil thing that can ruin lives. Because in reality its saving the lives of many. With all of that out of the way, I want to explain the difference between recreational use and using it medicinally.

Back when I was a teenager, I started smoking marijuana like most of us did. It was a fun thing to do with friends for socializing and just making things more enjoyable so to speak. I continued to use it and still do to this day. I have been around the block with all kinds of medications (anti-depressants, anxiety, and intestinal health remedies). However, the only thing that didn’t make things worse or almost ruin my life completely was marijuana. And it simultaneously was far more effective at treating my conditions. I can’t tell you how many times I was prescribed something that was either totally personality changing, dangerous, or just out right did nothing.

Also, I have a weird trust issue with doctors at this point in life, so I have not been to see anyone for any reason in over a decade. Every time I did see someone they either made it worse, did nothing, or told me to go somewhere else. I had a scary experience due to my almost ruptured appendix being wrote off as gas over 3 times before they found it. I also had a family member in hospice care who I think was wrongly terminated. Medicinal marijuana is not legal where I live which makes it harder to get effective “medical” treatment. I put medical in quotations because I was told today by a peer that marijuana can help with cancer but its not really a medicine. That is blatant stupidity. Like I said, haven’t been to the doctor in years, but I know I have some kind of chrons or irritable bowel syndrome going on. I always feel like death, not trying to be funny, the only thing to ever stop the pain is medicinal marijuana use. So hearing somebody say something like that really got me angry. They started to argue that marijuana users are all stoners and stupid and we just wanna get high. He used alcohol and tobacco in his argument to say its the same thing as him buying beer to get drunk or smoking cigarettes, just another habit. Once again, utter stupidity. This is why I bring up the difference Between a “stoner” and somebody who uses marijuana to better their life.

medicinal marijuana

I don’t smoke marijuana everyday because its “cool” or just because I like being broke from how expensive it is, I smoke it everyday because without it I would honestly want to die. I am sorry but a cigarette and a six pack will not help me with the pain inside, at best it may only mask it. Some say this is all weed does for the pain is mask it as well, and I understand your view. But hey, if I have to waste my time rolling joints instead of putting highly toxic chemicals into my body everyday, then so be it. A pill will not cure it either. There actually isn’t a cure for some things and idiots like me are too stubborn to go and get diagnosed. So like I said, If I have to be labeled as a stoner degenerate because of the one thing that actually helps, so be it.

I get it, some people smoke it for some kind of image. Taking dabs off of skateboards and what not, measuring their marijuana-peen by seeing how much they can waste in one hit. But not all of us do that, or care to do it. I don’t even care what the “super cool strain” name is, Some of us use it to better ourselves. I hope this has made since to some, and if you are one of those folks who have hatred for a plant that has done nothing but good, I hope you find the time to educate yourself before you start assuming things about others. – Ckyle

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  1. Rustic B

    This was really cool, thanks for sharing your experience!

    I personally have found marijuana to be extremely useful in my life, especially once I figured out the particular Strain and “Terpenes” that give me motivation and complement my ADHD brain.

    I use medicinal marijuana as a tool (and luckily I live in California, where I can just get it)… what I have is a “vape pen” and I buy cartridges with the “Jack Herer” strain in them.. the reason is that in JH, the most prominent terpene is called “Pinene” which helps with focus and memory function.. which means that I don’t get scatterbrained, but rather have lazer-like focus which helps me write, work out, work on my business, and even to not be afraid to try new parkour moves.

    The secret to figuring out how to use it for productivity for me though, has been to combine it with a regular use of a journal. As long as I get up in the morning and write down the 1 most important thing for that day, along with 2-3 other tasks… and if I knock out that big one first, I take a hit of the vape and go about the rest of my business. The key then, is to have a to-do list and attack it.

    Weed is not conducive to planning ahead though, especially if people are asking you a ton of questions and you’re trying to focus on something else… I find that it is best used for times where you have “prepared yourself” and your environment, and when you can just focus on one thing at a time.. (which is what it does for me)

  2. sarrah lane

    I really enjoyed reading this!
    Marijuana can definitely be a life-changing medicine, and the fact it isn’t legal everywhere appalls me. Many people benefit from it, but for some reason, many people still have a negative outlook regarding it.
    I hope where you live legalizes it soon, and realizes the benefits it could have for many people!