Is Ibogaine Treatment Effective for Opiate Addiction?

What’s Ibogaine Treatment for People Struggling with Opiates?

Ibogaine treatment comes from the use of a psychoactive plant with dissociative and psychedelic properties found in plants from the Apocynacae family which is native to various regions of the world. Ibogaine effects various neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s most potent as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor but also acts as a k-opioid receptor agonist. The atypical psychedelic effects are likely from it’s effect on the kappa opioid receptors which is what also induces the Salvia trip. Ibogaine does have it’s dangers which can lead to death. Anyone considering treatment should be well aware of these dangers prior to going into the experience. Ibogaine is commonly used to treat opiate addiction and can prevent an opiate withdrawal. The ibogaine success rate is baffling to say the least.

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Ibogaine Success Rate for Preventing Opiate Withdrawal

Before we jump into the ibogaine success rate for opiate withdrawal it should be noted that opiate addiction is primarily physical. This means when the addict ceases to use the substance they get extremely sick. They can get so sick they will do anything to obtain more opiates. A primarily psychological addiction is a different case where the addict uses because of a strong desire to use. They don’t get sick from staying off the drug. Getting over the opiate withdrawal is a big part of the battle. For that ibogaine is extremely effective. However, it’s not a cure for addiction from opiates. Not all people need a recovery program after ibogaine treatment but a majority do. A 2012 study showed 80 percent of people relapsed within 6 months of using ibogaine while 20 percent achieved long-term sobriety after a single ibogaine treatment. While these numbers don’t seem in the addicts favor, the ibogaine success rate is far more than most drug rehab facilities can offer. Furthermore, of the people who relapsed after ibogaine, they were shown to take substantially less opiates than they did in their addiction.

What Does Ibogaine Feel Like?

The experience of ibogaine is subjective. Because of this, I invited someone heavily experienced with the substance to podcast on my YouTube channel. He shares in detail what the experience feels like and how it helped him to achieve long-term sobriety.



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