How I lost 70 Pounds and overcame Obesity 

Hi my name is Chris Weller and I have lost 70 pounds. Back in May of 2017, I had a huge health scare as I found out I was at 33% body fat. I was 295 pounds and I was eating my way to an early grave as I was at risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. Through hard work and dedication in the year of 2017, I managed to lose 70 pounds and I also have managed to keep that weight off this year. I currently weigh 225 pounds and am at 21.2% body fat and I am very satisfied where I am currently at. My goal is to spread my story and give advice to those who may want to lose weight. I hope to help all of you who want to lose weight and be healthier. Note that I am not telling you you have to lose weight. If you are comfortable at the current weight you are at, no matter what it is, that is perfectly fine. This is specifically for those who are seeking out advice on weight loss, nutrition and fitness and is not trying to force anyone to do anything. I am also not a licensed nutritionist or a professional of any kind, I am just someone sharing my story and my experience with you all.  I run a blog about nutrition and fitness, link will be down below! If you are wondering how I lost the weight, I used the keto diet and I also skateboarded 8-10 miles a day for exercise! I will post a link to my post on my blog about how I lost weight here too!



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