Support for those who self harm in any way shape or form, and for the loved ones of self harmers

  • Hey everyone. I am 21. About a month ago I self harmed for the first time. I do have undiagnosed depression and anxiety but when I hit my low it gets really low. My sober mind wouldn’t have done that but the thought has always been there, including suicidal thoughts. It wasn’t until one night I got heavily intoxicated that I got the courage to…[Read more]

    • @rollaroaster97 Reading this now.
      I used to cut my left arm for a long time in the past. I haven’t done it in about 4 years and the scars remain just there.
      Tattoos do help to reduce that anxiety, depression and the self-harm urge (it helped me in a moment of desperation). I’m not encouraging you to get a new tattoo every time you feel anxious,…[Read more]

  • Hunter Tea posted an update in the group Group logo of Self Harm SupportSelf Harm Support 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been on and off with self harm since I was a teenager, happy to help or listen to anyone who struggles with this

  • slstone24 posted an update in the group Group logo of Self Harm SupportSelf Harm Support 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have any ideas for how one might approach this topic to parents/loved ones? It’s been several months since I stopped cutting myself, during which I was also heavily indulging in alcohol, but the scars, literal and emotional, still remain. I am on a beach vacation with my family so they are probably going to start asking…[Read more]

    • I just did things and didn’t think it, it feels like leaping off a massive cliff and I just wouldn’t look down but jump. It’s like every thought says “no” but I had to overcome that with action – leaping. Seeking professional help and telling your loved ones so you can get help is a big first step in your recovery process.

  • Glad to see a self harm group; I have struggled with self harm since my early teens. It took a very long time for me to get a grip on it and even now I still have the urge, I have just learned to be more effective at stopping myself and not letting so many things drive me to that edge.