Post trip reports, safety information, and other backed up FACTS on salvia. You may also post speculation and thoughts so long as you specify that’s what they are.

  • One of my most mild Salvia experiences- I took one big inhale of the stuff in my bathroom and found myself in a very calm, dreamy state. What I experienced was almost like a daydream written by someone else that I was simply riding like a wave. I saw a family of 3, possibly somewhere in the UK. (I say that because they all had British accents)…[Read more]

  • One of my most intense Salvia experiences- In comparison to other Salvia experiences, it may not seem so intense, but when in the throes of this stuff… whatever you’re experiencing does feel immense. This particular time I smoked it (don’t remember which strength, maybe 60x), the core feel was identical to other trips I’ve had. The feeling was…[Read more]

  • Salvia doesn t pose any problem as far as addiction potential, mostly because its an intense and often nighmarish experience.

    • Not for me, though curiosity can cause problems for some Salvia was just so terrifying I’d never do it again lol.

    • I had a buddy who enjoyed doing it. Dno if got addicted but bought it often. Never understood that cus one puff and i was runnin for the hills 😧

    • I used to buy the 100x extract and had some otherworldy experiences. One time, the most amazing, was a bunch of fractaling patterns and it was just super bright, and I just remember being in awe. My friend that smoked it with me said he had the same thing happen. I did have a really strange experience the other times I did it, where I just felt…[Read more]

  • hello! I’m new to this “drug” world, idk lol, um I have been smoking weed for about 5 months now and I was wondering is salvia kinda simular to weed? I have anxiety and weed honestly helps, though the downs are bad but I just take my medication and it helps, I am trying out new things and would want to know more information about this drug. Oh…[Read more]

    • Do not take salvia!#!!!!!

    • Salvia and weed carry some similarities in the paranoia that’s hard to describe, but Salvia is way stronger… I’m assuming you saw my video on it I released on YouTube today? It’s not a joke at all, most terrifying thing I’ve went through. I regret using it because of the post traumatic stress it caused.

    • I ain’t going to stop you, but did you ever have a “bad trip” on canabis? The moment you think I had a bad day and all I want to do is smoke one and chill, and instaid smoke one and instaid of chill you are stuck in a panic attack, filled with anxiety, feeling like the walls are coming closser and closser and a minute feels like a hour, being so…[Read more]

      • I have never actually had a bad trip on weed, I probably will stay away from salvia, just very curious about all these things, I find it interesting how with certain drugs, the brain will just kinda change its way and its vision.

        • Yea I probably shouldn’t use the term bad trip because it is more like starting off in the wrong mindsett or thinking prosses. But the end result is the same.

          I understand the curiousity and the wish to understand.
          But do you know the saying “curiosity killed the cat”?
          Please don’t become the cat.

          There are more ways to learn about things than…[Read more]

        • Pls be self aware of your curiosity. I made my life very hard by not doing my research before trying somthing, i commend u for obviously doing so. I won’t try to nag u out of experimenting but i urrrge u to be very self aware. Always be asking yourself is this worth doing. I beg you to use caution and always put buisness before pleasure. Keep in…[Read more]

        • Just wanna also say i get it. Drugs are fun as fuck! first..
          Like a rollercoaster is fun at first. Imagine being on one that seemed like itd never end tho. This is my best way of explaining why my dumb ass did drugs for years n years. Now im 33 .. Iam putting my life together as if i was 18.. I am only now learning how to be responsible…[Read more]

          • For the record again.. Salvia Not fun ever. Terrifying really is the best way to describe that shit. Very gross drug. The only drug i only tried once n saud FUCK THAT! Tg the effects are quick i may have had a heart attack fr

            • thank you for undertsnading and for replying to me without being judgemental haha i am actually researching a lot and being very cautious, I listen to all of cg kid’s videos and he explain the dangers of those drugs and it really is just curiosity, my brother got into drugs way before than me and I knew how to not touch that until I decided one…[Read more]

  • maponos posted an update in the group Group logo of Salvinorin A (Salvia Divinorum)Salvinorin A (Salvia Divinorum) 9 months ago

    I turned into a bread factory…not a very pleasant experience. I did enjoy doing it in minuscule doses though. I could really feel my surroundings better. It was as if I could feel everything going on within a thirty feet radius as inside myself.

  • mishell posted an update in the group Group logo of Salvinorin A (Salvia Divinorum)Salvinorin A (Salvia Divinorum) 10 months ago

    NOPE, hated hated salvia 😝😵

  • I’ve had very beautiful experiences. On this psychedelic. Even though some people say it’s a deleriant. When I first smoked it I was on probation for paraphernalia. I was sitting on my couch one night and watching Joe Satriani I can’t remember the song but remember the trip it was soooooo real. I felt like I was sucked into the video. I was…[Read more]

    • There seems to be a wide array of different experiences. Honestly, most I’ve heard or read have been unpleasant and/or heavily negative. So it’s refreshing to hear a lighter side of Salvia!

  • The best video explanation on Salvia. The audio got removed from YouTube cause the music was copyrighted. Luckily, I saved the video before this happened because I love it so much!

  • I have a trip report if you don’t mind.
    I hate when trip reports take forever/aren’t that interesting, so I’ll try to make it short although I’m sure it’ll be longer than expected.
    So it was in the middle of the summer and my friend was telling me about salvia, I was already pretty experienced with psychedelics, I did all of my research…[Read more]

    • This was a unique trip report for me and a fascinating read. Your feelings about the trip seem almost neutral. I have never heard of an experience like this. Erowid’s experience vault might hold other trip reports of interest to you.