I’m hoping this group will provide a spot to share any questions, similarities, differences, and or therapeutic/spiritual uses of RC lysergamides. These substances include 1P-LSD, 1P-ETH-LAD, ALD-52, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, LSA, LSZ, LSM-775, PRO-LAD, and PARGY-LAD. Keep in mind that this list may grow to add any newly discovered lysergamides. Also, while you shouldn’t be afraid of comparing these with LSD-25 remember any LSD-25 only related info should be shared in its respected group.

  • Tried both 1P and 1A (ALD-52) a bunch of times.
    Can’t tell the difference between them and LSD up to 200ų (never been above).

    They indeed should be cleaner on average, but the vendors online are not always 100% reliable. Some countries have already banned those RCs (think UK for example), and some merchant might be selling other chems instead…[Read more]

    • Really interested in trying 1p. Seems like a safer method!

      • Elmo replied 1 year ago

        Certainly safer if you wouldn’t test, or don’t have the money to test, street LSD.

  • Let’s talk 1p-LSD😉
    After effects?
    Let’s get this started!

    • CG Kid replied 1 year ago

      I never tried it but I would have

    • CG Kid replied 1 year ago

      It’s gotta be more safe than street acid I hear it’s like the cleanest LSD as far as the high

    • Yes 1p is way cleaner, in my opinion, it has a smoother come up and less of a comedown.
      Lsd-25 “or whatever LSD it was, never can be sure” leaves me pretty wrecked at the end, I’m thinking maybe 1p has less of a dopamine flood effect.

    • Elmo replied 1 year ago

      I faintly remember the few 1P trips I had, and I found it to be both colorful and visual. However, I found my experiences lacked introspection and conceptual thinking but that may have been my fault. Also, any nausea I had was after swallowing the tab, so I am wondering if anybody chooses not to swallow their tabs and doesn’t get nausea.

    • I would never swallow the tab, under the tongue.
      After about 30min I swallow.
      I had a 1p experience last night.
      Really euphoric!
      Very into!
      And way less body load than lsd25