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Be very careful with this substance

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    You are only supposed to use 500mg-2 grams twice a week at most. I found that doing it this way gave me 2 good days of the week then 5 bad ones.

    So I either had to use it everyday or not at all. I of course decided to be an everyday user. It wasn’t so much a high I was after with this substance.

    It had so many benefits for me. Huge anxiety and depression relief, it made me very social, the nootropic benefits made it to where I could excel much easier at work. It unlocked intellect that was always there but overtaken by constant depression and anxiety which greatly hinders your ability to articulate.

    Phenibut for me, was literally a miracle substance for improving my life. Unfortunately, tolerance increases fast and I got all the way up to 25 grams a day which is unheard of.

    I am now tapering and down to 19 grams.Every dose drop brings soul crushing depression,
    anxiety,irritability and many physical symptoms. Cold turkeying a dose like this, or even 5-8 grams for that matter can bring on delirium or even full blown psychosis.

    I truly wish that this substance which makes every aspect of my life worth living wasn’t addictive and didn’t build tolerance like an ssri.
    This is the one substance that I actually didn’t use for a high but as a medicine.

    Feel free to ask me any questions guys. I wish everyone recovery and happiness

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    Well if you were taking 25 damn grams of it I’d say you certainly have a problem, and not using it responsibly and therapeutically.

    If you were building a quick tolerance, you needed to just simply cycle it on and off to hinder the tolerance progression. It may have sucked but you can’t just continue to increase your doses until your body is more Phenibut than human.

    I’ve just recently heard of people abusing Gabapentoid drugs. Before it never occurred to me that people would abuse such mild substances.

    I was aware that a deep physical and mental dependence occurs on drugs like Phenibut or brands like Lyrica. But even having tried Pregabalin and Gabapentin myself, I never would have dreamed people would abuse it because most users were reporting mild subtle to zero effects and from my own experience, Gabapentoids had ZERO recreational value.

    I think drugs like SSRI, SNRI, and similar medications are too freely handed out. And it’s disturbing that the “experts” or what I would assume to be as pharmacologists, Don’t truly understand or know even how these drugs work. And they openly admit this!! Which is seriously shocking because if we don’t know how exactly these medications work, how can we confidently prescribe them to people and remotely assume they’ll be effective or safe?

    I think they’re thrown at people that are perfectly healthy but just not good at handling stress or pressure. And these substances mess with our very delicate neurochemistry. Chemicals that are vital to our survival like Serotonin. Too much or too little can have serious consequences or result in heart failure or hyperthermia.

    People are so fixated on the so called Meth and Opioid problems but I think the real epidemic is the Monoamine Inhibitor drug crisis.



    Ya it wasn’t the best decision to keep upping the dose. But if we all made the best decisions we wouldn’t be here. Plus when you’re contemplating suicide everyday you don’t really care if you’re taking the recommended dose or not. Any drug can be therapeutic at a certain dose when you think about it.

    Many people use alcohol therapeutically but we can’t all be so lucky. Would 10mg of adderall without upping the dose be detrimental? I doubt it. I got tremendous euphoria from phenibut so that didn’t help haha. But the biggest allure for phenibut was how it made me actually feel like a human being..screw the euphoria. But telling me it’s my fault for using more than the recommended twice a week (which it is of course) would be like telling me to only use meth or heroin twice a week. Some people don’t find alcohol particularly euphoric. Others prefer it to the strongest of opiates which to me might be crazy but it surely isin’t to them. I could go on and on about what bs that statement is.

    It just really bugs me when I hear people say that about phenibut as if it’s different than other drugs of abuse. I’m all for keeping it legal and I even had a hospital stay for something unrelated and I still didn’t mention my addiction to it.

    I agree that they need to be very careful with ssri’s, snri’s and ALL psych meds. Especially benzos. These docs won’t prescribe them now _which is good) but they will rip the band aid off and put people in hospitals with grand mal seizures.

    I hate sounding negative which this whole response was obviously…but with psych drugs,even illegal drugs by keeping them illegal, it’s all about money. That’s all the powers that be care about.

    Have a good one bro and I hope you’re successful,


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