discussion on the notropic phenibut

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    I’m thinking to order again some Phenibut because I’m in the process of tapering off Methadone and since I’m a polyaddict, that stuff makes me feel calm, helps me get really good sleep, makes me hungry and the sex is just as amazing as it is with GHB/GBL.
    When I discovered it for the first time I took it for GBL withdrawals and that was really…[Read more]

    • Still be safe. A friend of mine almost died from phenibut usage.

      • I’m sorry about your friend but I think it might have been a combination of phenibut with other downers, because phenibut and some other gabapentinoids such as GHB are very rarely deadly, and in statistics those deaths are all often accompanied by alcohol, benzo or opiate combinations with these gabapentinoids

        • Yeah true that’s what we are thinking too. One beer and he was down. Thanks tho. Some my friend like neurotins

          • Dude, phenibut really sucks to withdrawal from. I was taking over 10 grams a day at my worst when I decided to quit cold turkey. An entire week of pure hell, and then still felt like shit for weeks. It’s definitely not something to abuse . The withdrawals are very similar to benzo withdrawals

            • Yeah, I have a friend that experienced withdrawals from phenibut. I was taking it for a while till I got tired of the taste and after that incident involving my friend that went to ICU because of phenibut.

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    I just wanna say I’m ashamed of ever experimenting because a week after my dad died. Me and a few friends were at a benefit to raise money for expenses for my dad’s funeral, a little rave. I was drinking and been dealing with alcohol since he passed anyways my friends and I decided to jet out and go to casino to run around and act fools. We had…[Read more]

    • Wow, I didn’t realize phenibut could be that harmful. I personally don’t really care for the stuff that much. I’ve got a big stash of it that’s getting pretty old from just sitting around for a couple years.

      Thanks for sharing your experience & glad your friend turned out OK. Sorry about your dad passing too…

      • I honestly love the stuff, but I knew like it can damage liver if taken to frequent, I’ve always been aware of harm when in use with other gaba type substances like benzo’s alcohol, neurontin, and so on. I just was so fucked up and stoned I totally forgot to warn him idk if it was just me, I have flash backs of him digging into the bag and pouring…[Read more]