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My Conspiracy on the "Opioid Crisis."

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    Its fairly common knowledge with those who research classified US Government Projects and officials in entities such as Shadow Operations like the CIA.

    Such governmental agencies have a strict policy of operating in secret. Many of their sole focus points in projects is obviously warfare and weaponry. All from testing new effective drugs, manipulation and propaganda, and even over throwing entire uncooperative difficult foreign regimes.

    Understanding that these Shadow Ops have to be carried out in secret and away from the public eye, however, just like most other government agencies, they require funding. But secrecy and discretion is not effective and nearly Impossible if they’re tapping into taxpayer revenue. Such funding is tracked and documented for budgeting and transparency. Thus creating the imperative requirement for them to receive funding “strictly off the books.”

    Much of my deep research has connected dots that have made conclusions that the US Government Shadow Agencies cooperate and traffic illicit narcotic drugs into the US via Mexican Drug Cartels; mainly Heroin.

    Heroin sales thus feed into secret US shadow government accounts, also known as classified government slush funds. Thus through such slush funds, US governmental shadow Agencies can now carry out their plans with complete secrecy and all without public oversight and budgeting restrictions.

    And if you think all this is preposterous for a shadow agency like those within the CIA could NEVER get away with such a thing, you’d be very wrong and the US history of such agencies getting off Scot free, has already happened and CONTINUES to happen.

    It was actually fairly recently that some possibly accidental declassified CIA documents have revealed that such agencies had done horrific things from human child trafficking, human experimentation on children to Presidential assassination. ALL thanks to the GENEROUS anonymous Heroin sales revenue.

    BUT alot of that began to slowly grind to a halt in the late 90s. The Heroin sales revenues began to drastically drop. And it was all thanks to street sales of Pharmaceutical synthetic Opiates known as Opioids such as Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Oxycodone. (Percocet)

    Drug addicts and new abusers found that such drugs were safer, with FDA certified purity, and potency.

    And all this steered the masses AWAY from Heroin. And with no Heroin sales it meant no more consequence-free secret governmental projects and operations. And as many know, that’s unacceptable and untenable for those running these shows.

    This is where shadow ops bring in their puppet politicians to set drug policies, push media drug fearmongering propaganda (CNN) and unleash the government agency drug attack dogs (DEA) onto their competition. Pharma, Pain Clinics, and General Physicians!

    Now the DEA puts together armed SWAT team to raid legitimate pharmacies and Pain Management Centers to bully, punish, and intimidate. All in an overall effort to essentially dry up the illicit street sales of Pharmaceutical Opioids. To ensure that EVERYONE is steered directly back to Heroin. So that the Shadow Cogs of War can continue to turn.

    And the whole entire atmosphere of fear and panic is induced by repetitive relentless governmental and media propaganda with ZERO scientific justification. The entire shitshow of the so called “Opioid Epidemic” or “Opioid Crisis” is all fabricated to induce panic, fear, and reaction to dry up Pharmaceutical opioid supply of illicit AND legitimate medical use.

    The “War on Drugs” is NOT a War over Substance use, it’s a War over Drug PROFITS.

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