This group is for the discussion of opioids whether that is a discussion about harm reduction, stories or just somewhere to come to seek some help or answers.

  • jendyzcz posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    So, i started with tramadol in 2016 managed to do it max twice a month till january 2018 when i started buying cheap packs of 60 trams and i started self-medicating for my depression etc. It was more like binges than constant dependence(butt i had minor wds after few of the binges) but that changed when i first tried snorting Oxy in i think july…[Read more]

    • Sounds like you’re well on your way to heroin.
      Only saying that because you sound a lot like me when I first began opiates.
      I don’t really know many successful people that can keep a tolerance low. Especially self medicating.

  • Alchy Sid posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Is anyone else here addicted to poppy seed tea? I want to quit taking it, but the withdrawals last so damn long because of all the akaloids in it that build up in your body and slow down the withdrawal process. Poppy seed tea is mainly morphine and codeine but all the other alkaloids make it take from a couple weeks up to a month to get through…[Read more]

    • I did, I told a hospital I was detoxing from opium and they gave me this weird look like they’ve never really seen that so I get it’s obscure. It’s a hard thing. The withdrawals are super gnarly, as bad as heroin, after the physical withdrawal I deal with the legality and refuse to drive by certain places I know carry it. After some time, I…[Read more]

      • Yeah the thing is there’s a place that sells pounds for 5 bucks a piece just a couple blocks down the street. I’ve been tapering though which will make it much more bearable. Poppy seed tea definitely can be dangerous, not something to take lightly, especially if one has no tolerance. That’s an easy overdose.

  • Connor posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    What’s the average recreational dose for Black Tar?

  • Decius posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 5 months, 1 week ago

    What is the lethal dose of pure Heroin

  • Decius posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 5 months, 1 week ago

    Is smack really that bad if u have self control

    • Yes. There’s honestly no having self control when doing it to be honest

    • Given there’s hundreds of fentanyl analogs and even pure H has various concentrations, yes. You can die. Pretty easily. If you don’t die you can become addicted or end up with a felony cause it’s now a schedule 1 and will be working at Burger King at age 60 after spending time in prison.

    • You’ll start on the weekends and then over time it will become every day and before you know it your tolerance will skyrocket and you’ll spend whatever money you have on the smack

    • yeah even oxy i thought the same thing and even thought about trying h but now i absolutely wouldnt

  • Chief Rocka posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 6 months ago

    Alright folks I’m a recovering opiates user with 8 yrs clean off hard drugs but also I’ve been on methadone for 17yrs never going higher than 90mg I’m presently on 18mg I’ve been reducing over the last year or so roughly 2mg every 2weeks basically I’m more addicted to methadone as a mental and physical crutch I do smoke weed but no more than a…[Read more]

    • MOZZ replied 6 months ago

      Methadone is a bitch. I would switch from Suboxone to methadone. Back and forth for years. Than back to opiates. I went to Ayahuasca ceremonies to try and kick. The only success I found was getting locked in a padded cell dressed in a turtle suit and just a hole in the floor to shit in. Jail. Than a sober living home with recovery meetings.

      All…[Read more]

      • Fair dues I’m ready to come off I live a pretty clean and sober lifestyle but I need structure I’ve got a lot of free time not that relapse is a issue but from watching a few different voices on the subject and a lot of people like you said give meetings a go there’s one local to me so I’m toying with the idea

      • You can easily travel…guest dosing is a very easy process.

  • maponos posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 6 months ago

    Junky by William Boroughs is an excellent text on heroin addiction and recovery

    • Yeah man its a classic read it 25 years ago don’t like any other of Burroughs books but junky is written like z drug users travel guide

  • Heather posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi from Australia everyone! I have been addicted to smoking heroin for the better part of 20 years now, currently on methadone though now ( liquid handcuffs)😞
    Just out of pure curiosity can anyone tell me the price/ sizes of what’s a normal deal in the U,S? Every time I see a documentary about the opioid crisis or similar it seems like it’s so…[Read more]

    • You can score here for $10 for sure but most our heroin has fentanyl analogs

      • Thanks for answering personally! Wasn’t expecting that! That’s kind of awful that it’s so cheap over there, in my city u can’t get anything for less than $80 . Still haven’t come across fentanyl which is probably for the best judging from the horrific news stories coming out of the US…. LOVE your videos by the way, you are definitely one of th…[Read more]

    • Alright I’m in Ireland we get a .2g bag for 20€ which is roughly 20 dollars US you’d get an ounce for 750 but it’s not more than 20/30% what Europe is waiting for is the emerging fentynal situation we are seeing in the US where the situation is directly
      Answering your question on methadone I’ve been on it for 17yrs I was on 90ml 6mnths ago now I…[Read more]

      • Thanks for replying 👍 all the best to you when you try to get off methadone, I am seriously considering if I am ready or not to quit as well. The worst thing for me is the insomnia, it drives me insane and that’s the part I’m dreading…. I have successfully reduced and then jumped off suboxone before, but I think that the bad effects only las…[Read more]

  • simplypopple posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 7 months ago

    I’m currently a high functioning heroin addict. I have a ritual: when I wake up, I blow my nose, brush my teeth, make my lunch for work & then rail my line. I’m usually good until lunch, and then just go crazy when I’m finally home.

    I let it get out of hand really quick… at first it was just on weekends, then I noticed I could work like crazy…[Read more]

    • MOZZ replied 7 months ago

      only thing I can give is what I did. I’ve tried weaning off. Tried methadone, suboxone, Ayahausca, fucking ghb.
      I had to lock myself away and go to long term treatment. I maintain by recovery meetings and step work now.
      I feel ya though man. I couldn’t work without it either

    • I dont have nearly as important of a job but I dealt with the same issue because the first time around when I went cold Turkey and did a 28 day program with another 2 months off work I just couldn’t get the motivation to get back up and go to work so the second time around I took the suboxone route and it’s been working pretty well, there’s no…[Read more]

      • I really don’t want to be on suboxone. I can see myself getting 2 8mg pills for the withdrawals, but to be on them regularly? doesn’t seem any better than dope really, besides subs being cheaper if I got a script.

        so if I go cold turkey, when should withdrawals be peaking? I’m thinking i stop on a Thursday & just go thru with it. I can handle…[Read more]

        • I mean I’ve been on them for a while but I’m slowly but steadily lowering my dose, started at a measly 4mg and down to 2mg right now, some people even taper as quickly as a month but I can understand the fear of ending up like a lot of other people who are on it the rest of their lives but if you’d like to go cold Turkey I’ll try to help as much I…[Read more]

          • Also for me the hardest part of the withdrawals was about 10 days but some people feel symptoms for weeks or even months, it really depends on the person.

            • Also feel free to message me if you need, I’m pretty busy sometimes but if you decide you need someone to ask questions or just talk to while you’re going through the process I’ll do my best to respond

          • The only reason I don’t want suboxone is because my brother is on them & he can’t function without them now too. I’m not knocking anyone who uses them to treat dope addiction.

            As far as working, if symptoms peak around day 3 & 4 i should be good by Monday. I have Xanax to help me sleep, and kratom for the rest of the symptoms. I’ll also be…[Read more]

            • Glad to help 🙂 benzos unfortunately didn’t help me sleep when I went through the process but maybe they’ll work for you, if you could find actual sleeping pills they might be more beneficial, like zopiclone or something similar, the weed will probably help though

            • Going cold Turkey is definitely better in the long run though, I’m finding suboxone withdrawals to actually be worse than those of the opioids I was previously on in some ways, probably due to the long half life kratom will also be a life saver and much easier to come off of than any other opioid

            • I guess the first thing I should’ve asked though actually was, you don’t by law get a certain percentage of vacation time where you are?

    • Alright mate hope your good i like you was a working somehow functioning users I smoked my heroin on foil so don’t let that old myth of only sniffers or smokers can’t suffer acute withdrawls you will especially using half a g a day just pick the best time possible if you can take a week off work cos you will be sick for 4 days at least and that’s…[Read more]

  • menzi posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 7 months, 1 week ago

    Does anyone have any coping techniques for cravings for the whole shebang of it all the scoring the ritual of cooking up and sticking yourself?

  • menzi posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey I was just wondering if it’s (somewhat safe) to inject buprenorphine once in a while?


  • Anna posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Let’s talk about oxycodone… my first and last use of oxycodone was around christmas last year. At that time I was already addicted to cocaine and I was craving something to snort really bad. I was at my parents house and I didn’t have access to cocaine so I was searching for something else. Eventually I found the oxycodone of my dad. I’ve been…[Read more]

    • First time i did oxy’s i snorted em too. Made me sick didnt like em.. Yrs later started poppin em w my bf .. Didnt love em first few times but didnt take long before i started to recognize and enjoy the feeling.. Theyd make me throw up and ud feel so high after.. I learned to love the HIGH.. Crashing was a miserable place to be though.. Feel like…[Read more]

    • Opiates, in general, are a weird territory. It’s a learned high, some people instantly love it but myself and most others had to keep using it to learn to like it and by that point, you’re physically dependent. Really shitty experience. Heroin it seems isn’t as much of a learned high as I loved it the first time I tried it, same with opium, which…[Read more]

    • opiates are a cruel and deceiving class of drugs, at first you feel somewhat underwhelmed by what the media portray opiates feeling like but it slowly starts to pull you down and keep you in it’s clutches, the first time I did a opiate it was morphine and codeine, all I felt was nice , just nice this is the trick of opiates they just seem nice if…[Read more]

  • flood posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 12 months ago

    Anyone use poppy tea? (Pods/seed) Im currently extremely dependent on the stuff. I got started on opiates when i was 16, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was given 30 vicodin on top of another 30ct script of vicodin from a back injury due to high school football. I remember from the first one of those I took I knew it was gunna be a problem.…[Read more]

    • Poppy tea is ridiculously dangerous

      • All drugs can be harmful if misused or you don’t practice proper safety. I always make a tester dose to guage the potentcy of each batch. But I understand your concern.

        • Honestly i’d look in to some sort of NA meetings near yourself and if you’re still relapsing going to a doctor or clinic and getting started on methadone/suboxone, honestly i’d recommend suboxone over methadone since you won’t be able to use opiates on top of it. In my eyes it saves money, adds stability and after a few weeks you’ll just feel…[Read more]

  • jakesus posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 1 year ago

    started doing heroin at 26 was looking for mdma and ran into a friend snorted first time evolved to shooting fast make sure you use a clean needle got hep c from it but cured from harvoni Very good times with marijuana closed eye hallucinations and euphoria through the roof Just be very careful and use sparingly or for major pain and yes suboxine…[Read more]

  • menzi posted an update in the group Group logo of OpioidsOpioids 1 year ago

    Has anyone ever had any experience with coming off of an opiate addiction with the help of subutex (buprenorphine)? Also does anyone have any thoughts on how useful it is?

    • CG Kid replied 1 year ago

      I hope you get an answer 🙂

      • menzi replied 1 year ago

        I hope so too aha 🙂 the treatment is working well still (still clean from opiates)

    • I have been on suboxone for almost two months now and i feel like i finally getting my life back it is refreshing to not wake up sick anymore and worry what i’m going to do 🙂

      • menzi replied 1 year ago

        Tell me about it, it’s liberating, it’s weird though after three days of being on 16mg (up from 12mg) it went back to being alright for 20 hours and then getting a little sick until the next dose at 24 hours. Got a appointment tomorrow so i’ll just ask whats happening then. Hope you are still doing great and stay strong and sober 🙂