How many times have you felt like this is trully the last withdrawal you would have to endure just to catch your self going through it all over again.

  • So about a month and a half ago the inevitable happend. I was tired from being up all night and had to go to work the next day. I couldnt stay home because my girlfriend would have flipped out so I decided to rent a motel. You can imagine how that turned out I called a friend to get a session started and preety son I found my self returning to…[Read more]

  • These last couple of months have been a reminder of how easly meth can seduce my blissful mind. I have been smoking meth since 2005 its now 2018 . If you would have asked me 13 years ago what is meth to me I think my answer would be “just to get high” living life to thefullest. What a load of shit. Sure it had its moments but what dosent. I alw…[Read more]