A discussion regarding DMT ranging from the collective conscious on the subjective experience, to medicinal properties, to safe practices.

  • MOZZ posted an update in the group Group logo of DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) 9 months ago

    So my friend use to extract this stuff from mimosa hostilis back like 5~8 years ago. Only a certain group of us would do it. I got it super cheap like 50 a g. This is back when you could order the shit off eBay. The mimosa.
    Dmt has definitely been the most intense and bizarre shit I have ever experienced. I would binge on it ever so often and…[Read more]

  • Anyone else seen a dead relative or see what people are saying to you like if someone says the eyes are watching? Like shits heavy!

  • Turtleshell posted an update in the group Group logo of DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) 1 year ago

    So I’ve smoked DMT probably close to 10 or so times and I dont think I’ve had a breakthrough experience yet. There’s always something holding me back from letting go and I think it’s just fear of the unknown. The thing is though, I’m so damn curious that I keep coming back to dmt at least monthly. Any tips on how to overcome your ego death fear?

    • CG Kid replied 1 year ago

      Practice bro, practice. It’s like building a relationship, you aint gonna trust the chick (or dude) until you’ve held their hand a few times. Trust that it’ll be ok is how you let go.

    • I have yet to break thru but hope to achieve one time at least. I have though done a .5 and blacked out/died like I felt I died and went to hell. I haven’t doesn’t dmt since then and everyone around me been wanting to experience deemsters again

  • Had DMT flashbacks occurred for anyone else? Like regular hope except I completely dissaciote and feel like I’ve rediscovered something amazing. I don’t mind them, but since they showed up when smoking weed I’ve had countless instances off forgetting everything after a powerful toke of green

    • I’ve only got flashbacks from 2c-i. It sucked. I couldn’t drive tired at night at all cause I’d hallucinate. It was like HPPD.

  • Dmt, the most intense drug experance ive had yet. A suspicous bag of yellowish white substance, the first hit you hold in tastes like you licked the bottom of a boot, the scecond tastes like life itself, i release the hit. Indescribeable things start happening, im speaking with gods from multiple dimensions in tounges i cannot repeat. Theres…[Read more]

    • How long did it last? Does it compare to anything else in your experience? Was there a comedown? What made you feel confident that the substance would be good for you? I wanna try it but I’m also kinda hesitant because I worry my anxiety might make the trip turn out badly, what’s your opinion on that? Peace

      • DMT’s duration of action is 5-15 minutes in a breakthrough. It’s comparable to other 5-HT2A agonist (magic mushrooms, mescaline, etc.) but because of its short duration of action people will “bungee jump” into psychedelic world. It’d be foolish to take enough shrooms to equate to a DMT breakthrough cause that’d last 6-8 hours – you’d likely be…[Read more]

  • DMT is life

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