A group for those who are living with depression and anxiety as well as those who care for them. A place to share you story and your struggles, reach out for help or offer a listening ear to someone who just needs to talk.

Introducing myself

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    A little about myself; I’ve lived with the signs and symptoms of severe depression and anxiety since my early teens. Left untreated, it led to suicidal ideation, social isolation and relentless bullying from both kids and adults. Not until after a near successful attempt on my life did I seek help with the assistance of a friend. It’s been an incredibly difficult journey of self discovery dealing with medication resistance, lack of access to therapy, relapse, sexism and prejudice in the court system, parental alienation, homelessness and bankruptcy. There is light breaking through the clouds however, and talking to others who understand the trials and tribulations of this complex and debilitating illness is crucial. That is why I created this forum.

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