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    Anyone here on Vyvanse for binge eating disorder? I’ve been on it for over a year. For a long time I wasn’t really aware of what exactly it was so I really enjoyed it. Once I realized how common it is to abuse it I started to… keeps me from eating, helps my social anxiety, helps my depression. But now I’m hooked (very much a mental depen…[Read more]

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    Recently switched from Adderall XR to Vyvanse. So basically I was taking Adderall XR every single day, it was 30mg. Never took more than that because 30mg was enough for me to feel high. Maybe I’m weak-minded or just weird but 30mg makes me feel good as hell. But I was having heart problems while taking it so my doctor switched me to Vyvanse…[Read more]

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    I always think back to what if I never got off my medicine? What if I never rebelled against my parents and told them Im not taking them anymore? The what ifs always always get to me. Scary thought though, because now that I know it’s pretty much meth I was thinking, I’m happy I rebelled. I was diagnosed ADHD at like 3 or 4 and didn’t get off them…[Read more]

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    Went first Counciling sesh yesterday. Alot of focus on my apparent lack of focus… Finding many drug users are told they have focus problems.. Interesting

    • That is interesting. I’ve heard we’re great starters but not great finishers.

    • Your story is on the front page 🙂

      • Front page news?! I knew my life would make for a good read lol jk thx CG i hope it will help others know that they are not alone in the struggle.. I will work on part 2 this weekend 🙂

        Im also gonna say.. I almost relapsed the other day.. Part of my not following thru was being apart of this beautiful community.. And the fear of letting myself…[Read more]

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    Hi i have ADHD and i have a ton of trouble focusing in school, I have tried the neuro feed back which is supposed to help alot and prevent medication my focus in school had gotten better after the nero. and i knew that I didn’t want to take medication but it seems my focus issues have gotten worse after a few months of it working . when my parents…[Read more]

    • What’s your diet like? Sometimes people are allergic to aspartame and other food additives without knowing it.

      • i have been working on eating healthier but i don’t eat a lot and when i do its mostly fast food or fruits and salads and things, and thats it. I have struggled with eating in the past. do you think it could be a reason for my focus issues?

    • Also Adderall isn’t inherently evil it’s just that they prescribe way more than necessary to treat ADD. 30mg pills shouldn’t even exist. 2.5-5mg should help ADD significantly without causing substantial brain damage.

      • Ok, so it should help me without hurting me then if they don’t prescribe too much? or is that not how it works, i don’t really understand how to get a lower dosage should i just ask?

    • Ya there’s a such thing as brain allergies and doctors don’t test if you’re allergic to the hundreds of additives in fast food.

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    I was “high” on Adderall every day for months, eventually it was no longer giving me motivation or helping me concentrate. But I continued to take it because when I stopped my bones ached and I had stomach issues, I felt sick. I convinced myself that maybe I just happened to be coming down with a cold so therefor I re-dosed and decided to take a…[Read more]

    • Hey man. I know exactly how you feel. I was once addicted to dextromphan. And I had to go through withdrawals because of it. I was physically addicted to it and emotionally. It was just too hard to go through the withdrawals until one day I said. “Fuck it”. I put myself through physical and emotional he’ll just to detox from it. But. It was worth…[Read more]

      • Man that sounds rough! Sometimes with health issues and their medical treatment it can be a matter of choosing which side effects you prefer to put up with, unfortunately.

    • Hi Zhao, I’m sorry that you got to where you are now. Do you have ADHD? How is your life when taking adderall? vs not taking adderall? Step back a bit and ask yourself why you started in the first place. Think about what your aim was when you took your first adderall. Relax and think about the benefits and costs of adderall.. has it brought you…[Read more]

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    chlonidine is good for blood pressure anxiety and add also marijuana both are great drugs be careful with chlonidine or catapres aka it lowers your blood pressure so don’t take much but both are very euphoric and effective for treating add/adhd

    • I’ve been using propranolol for about a month and it has honestly been one of the best things for helping my anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

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    Seeing some people touch on how ADHD is often over/misdiagnosed. My experience was the opposite. As a female who is inattentive rather than hyperactive, the right diagnosis was glossed over my entire life – the diagnosis and prescription were life changing for the better. There is, however, a huge potential for abuse in stims, even with the right…[Read more]

    • What country do you live in? if you don’t mind me asking. The drug regulations and culture vary exponentially based off what country you’re from.

      • Canada, not sure what the regs are like surrounding stims here vs. other places.

        • As an American I’d say Canada is quite different when it comes to diagnosis. I watched a video on Psyched Substance talk about his experience getting diagnosed and prescribed with these medications and it seemed like an entirely different experience than that in America. I’m glad that the prescription for you seemed to be quite beneficial. But as…[Read more]

    • Ya, it’s overly prescribed and people need to be aware of that, but for someone with truly dysfunctional ADD there aren’t many other options that work effectively.

      • Have you done much research into alternatives, CG Kid? I’m really curious about alternatives but not too sure where to start. I’m seeing a specialist psychiatrist soon and am concerned she’ll just throw stimulants at me. Stimulants were never a huge issue for me in an addiction sense but I know I have the potential to abuse them. They are…[Read more]

        • I need to do more research into alternatives. Honestly, doctors prescribe way more than what’s needed for effective treatment of ADD. 5-10mg a day would alleviate ADD without jacking up the user so much

          • Same. Ah yeah, that sucks. Maybe it would be different if they were better educated. True, good to know. Thanks.

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    I’m prescribed 30 mg’s of Adderall XR a day, 20 mg’s in the morning and 10 at noon. What’s the addictive potential for this? I realize that it varies from one person to another but I can go days or weeks without taking it and feel fine after the initial come down after the first day without it. Also feel free to discuss your expierences with this…[Read more]

    • It depends on the person, like you said. I personally find adderall as the most addictive drug in the world for me. It’s psychological not physical, I don’t get a withdrawal but I’d find myself always coming back to it and gnarly comedowns.

    • I have been prescribed 50mg of Adderall daily for around a year and a half now. I have recently begun hallucinating from sleep deprivation and experiencing paranoid delusions. It is a shame that I have been on such a high dose, but the intensity of my ADHD required it. (I was diagnosed after wandering around class unresponsive muttering to…[Read more]

    • Depends on who you are. Also depends A LOT on how much you take. Once you take a dose too high for you there isn’t much turning back imo. You either full on quit or continue losing your mind. The addictive nature is that people cannot function without it. People have jobs or work preventing them from taking a full on crash off these meds so their…[Read more]

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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/01/18/u-s-report-medical-cases-adhd-young-women-skyrocketing/1046629001/ ayyy, a study about the increase in diagnosis of ADHD that isn’t from 2011. Also this is sad as hell.

    • This is crazy. I think a lot of people are being diagnosed who don’t actually have it. There’s just heavy emphasis on college which is a scam and drug dealing to adolescents, another scam.

    • Sounds really similar to undiagnosed autism/Aspergers in women. Unfortunate but good it’s finally being picked up so those with the condition have an idea why they are the way they are. At least this has been my experience. A massive relief.

      • I see where you’re coming from entirely however ADHD isn’t the same as those suffering from autism. Autism is a much more definitive diagnosis, you can’t just be a kid doing bad in class to be considered autistic or suffering from aspbergers and what not. When I was diagnosed with ADHD they gave like 10 questions about if your kid has a tough…[Read more]

        • Yeah, I wasn’t saying it is. I was diagnosed autistic as well and am currently waiting to see a specialist psychiatrist for an ADHD assessment. Thank you for your insight 🙂
          That’s interesting about people “losing it” when they reach adulthood. That seems to happen a little bit with autism. I feel it’s probably just that people go undiagnosed and…[Read more]

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    They bad mkay

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    This is a great idea for a group 🙂