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I’m so happy that I found CG Kid’s YouTube channel because it has helped me tremendously in drug education. Also to Phil: this site is exactly what I was looking for, so thank you!

It seems that this site is used for people who are struggling with addiction, as well families that addiction effects. If there is a family section I would love to start conversations about topics! Hopefully the more the site grows someone can relate with me. I don’t have anyone who can relate to my story so hoping to find someone on here!

Drugs have entirely consumed my life since the day I was born. My mom struggled with pills and my dad struggled with meth. It completely tore them apart. I was always thrown around from home to home because no one could take care of me properly. I lived with my father when I was in high school while my mom was acting like she was 16 again drinking, doing drugs, etc. Fast forward to the age of 17, 1 week before my 18th birthday and a month before my high school graduation my mom overdosed on methamphetamine and methadone and died. This completely fucked my entire world up. At the same time my dad was secretly smoke meth in the same house that I lived in (had absolutely no idea) How oblivious was I? Fast-forward a few years later my father was living in our old house with no water, electricity, or food smoking meth like it was going out of style. I gave up everything to save him. And I mean EVERYTHING. I finally started to just give up on him and let him go, I started to plan out his funeral and let nature take its course. It is now 2018 and my dad has been sober for 14 months and our relationship is amazing, except for the fact that I’m not doing so great. Now I’m way older, have an amazing job as well as going to school. I always said I would never be like my parents but one day I went and got my wisdom teeth removed and the surgeon prescribed me a 30-day supply of hydrocodone. I was only supposed to take it for 3 days, and the bottle was empty a week and a half later. I didn’t even realize what I had just done until I threw the bottle away. I felt disgusted with myself. I felt my mom watching over me probably shaking her head telling me to put that garbage down. I never understood why my parents did what they did until I swallowed that pill. I know I will get sober and stop this behavior before it gets bad. I can’t keep using my difficult past as an excuse to get high.

Anyway, this post was all over the place but I hope someone can relate to this in some way!

Stay strong you guys! –Bailee, OKC, OK

Family and Addiction read another article on this subject by CG Kid

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  1. Nancym

    Thank you for the insight in family dynamics with addicts. Your a strong person. The Shameless Protocol members are here to help you in anyway we can.

  2. J

    From a former opiate addict for years. Stop now you might have abused your prescription for hydrocodone but that is that the bottom of the mill for opiate addicts. My first few times going through withdrawal i didn’t even connect the two in my mind. The withdrawal from such light use will hardly be noticeable. Most start with a prescription and it can get dangerous and deadly when it grows to oxycontin heroin and fentanyl. After withdrawing a few times addiction will consume you because the dope sickness and copping will take over your life and from experience i lost everything. Probably 100000 dollars on drugs. Lost jobs relationships time off work when I was sick etc. After rock bottom you have come full circle and realise it was all for nothing but a feeling good for a few hours or however long it lasts. My advice stop now before it is too late and you are stuck riding the train to rock bottom.

  3. J

    No matter how bad life seems you can always feel good to just say atleast i don’t use drugs anymore or I never did. Life will always be challenging but addictive drugs are an illusion and the worst solution. Take pride in being clean even if other areas of life are difficult