Don’t Smoke Your Life Away

One of my first memories as a child was sitting on my dads lap while him and my mom passed a joint back and forth in the living room. I couldn’t have been any older than 4 years old. Ever since I could comprehend what weed was I always knew that I wanted to smoke it, and that finally happened my freshman year of high school. At the time it was the best thing that ever happened to me, so why wouldn’t I want to get all of my friends involved with this? Eventually it became an every day routine, I’d wake up, roll up, smoke on my way to school, smoke once I got out of class, and again before I went to sleep. It eventually got to the point to where I wouldn’t want to go out with my friends if there wasn’t gonna be bud involved. Once a substance becomes an every day routine it takes over your life, and that applies to weed, meth, and everything in between. Once a substance takes over your life like that you lose everyone that actually mattered and they get replaced with the people who don’t actually care and are just there for the free smoke up. My advice to those who are reading this, get help while you still have people in your life who do genuinely care for you. Don’t smoke your life away.

-Levi Oakley

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  1. ambersturtle

    I realized at 30 yrs old that I had surrounded myself with addicts because I thought that was “normal”. Life has so much more to offer. I hope I broke the cycle early enough for my son to learn this before he is 30! Keep sharing because people are listening.

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  3. Trevor 2SmokesLetsGo

    Ive smoked rarely but from age 14-24. Id say the past 4 months ive gotten high once a week at the bare minimum. It goes on and off in randok spurts. Its like alcohol too. I cant get addicted to weed or alcohol, but my achilles heel for addiction is cigarettes. Since age 17-24 are my heavy smoking years hands down. I even pass up free joints for a cigarette and i even noticed my friend wasnt passing me a cig he was passing me a joint. I was like oh…. lmao. I think weed is the lessest of evils. Tobacco on the other hand ia the number 1 preventable cause of death in the world.

  4. Ndzeus

    I agree with you. Currently going through an addiction right now while battling my anxiety demons. I went sober for half-a year after a 3 year everyday binge. My mind got cleared a little bit, but after meeting my coworker who is also a current plug, I went right back into it again. Also, I live in CA so it just got legalized. It’s medicinal unless you abuse it. After that half-year sobriety stint, using it for the first time after how long helped give me a feeling of happiness. I felt amazing. I was on Prozac, lamictal, and neurontin at the time. It wasn’t the high that got to me though. It was the morning after where I felt I could get out of bed and be happy….then the abuse started kicking in and now here I am at 23(turning 24 this year) still doing the ‘ol routine. Only this time, I have more problems, more life/family shit I still have to deal with, but a lot more experience on how to deal with my anxiety. Tbh, I’m at the lowest point of my life bcuz I made improvement and fucked up going back to square one and feel like weed and art is the only thing I’m passionate about…they don’t bring money (potentially can), but they’re my two best friends (love-hate). Weed is a confusing little devil

  5. Lostawolf

    I smoke weed occasionally as it helps me be creative and relax and i find it a lot more enjoyable than alcohol.. but i have noticed if i don’t pay attention to how much im smoking and set strict rules for myself i will actually smoke everyday which is not what i want! Does this mean i have the mind of an addict, or just that weed is too damn enjoyable?

  6. Sergio77

    Hey there.I’ve been two weeks off the joint now after 14 years of what i consider heavy use.Last five years i smoked every night and sometimes even during the day. My habit became my priority,and as a husband and father of 4 children…that can be very hard to handle.

    All my friends (which weren’t many) are now totally absent from my life,they dont even call or reply to any messages,so i feel what you say about building friendships based on weed. I’d say i have been a functional addict to some extent,i have been working (i sell land,most boring job i tell ya).I work from home so i have to take care of children most of the’s really hard ya know.

    I decided to quit because i feel it wasn’t fun anymore,instead ,when i got stoned i would kind of get paranoid.Also my tolerance went way up and the habit started costing more and more to buy.

    One other thing is that i would get very irritable during the day,i’m guessing it’s because i needed more weed…so yeah,i’m off it now,i hope i can keep clean and only smoke occasionaly,though i haven’t relapsed. To be honest,in my case,the most frustrating part is not being understood by my direct family (parents,wife and siblings).They still rely on me to do some heavy lifting and don’t seem to care what i’m going through.But…i’m managing pretty decently between all the anger and constant headaches. See you around man.

    1. Liam Cleary

      Hey man thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself, I’m glad that you’re doing better and have made a positive choice for the better of you and your family’s lives. I personally had my first joint when i was 9 and when i hit 11 years of age is when I really started going hard on the weed and here I am, almost 19 years old. I’ve gotten off the weed for about 2 months now, i stopped smoking weed altogether because well i don’t know if it was the long-term usage during the growth period in my mind or if it’s just some neuro-chemical imbalance with some ptsd, but i’ve seem to have forgotten 80% of my memories long term and all together have lost my sense of self. I find just getting out everyday and living life one day at a time has been a very good help. Cheers.

  7. Jeff Xanny

    I feel you, dude.
    Going through the same thing right now.
    I wanna stop smoking, but i don’t wanna stop smoking. It makes me feel so..relaxed. I can’t help but feel like i don’t wanna go out if i can’t smoke while there. Hell, i don’t wanna be in my own fucking skin unless i can smoke.

    Didn’t smoke today or yesterday, though, and it’s not that bad. But..i’d really fucking like to, and i probably will tomorrow.

    Dunno what to do with myself anymore besides just watch the days roll by and do what i have to, which is school and work