Breakthrough DMT Trip Report

DMT Trip Report

From a Breakthrough Dose

No DMT trip report can describe the true astonishment and sense of wonder that came from my first DMT breakthrough experience. Keep in mind, DMT can be extremely dangerous, not only in legality but a potential to trigger psychological trauma or exacerbate latent mental disorders. In my experience, I was lucky myself, and no one else was harmed.

 Taking the Hit

The device I used to vaporize DMT at this point of my experimentation was an oil burner, AKA a “meth pipe.” The problem I faced was that you needed to take more than one hit to “breakthrough” and I was convinced I had already broken through. The only questionable doubt that I hadn’t broken through before my first blast off was the fact I still was aware I had a body was human and had just smoked DMT. One day, I loaded the oil burner with a regular amount of DMT and proceeded to take a hit. What I didn’t know was DMT residue had surrounded the entire bowl, so there was more than what I had loaded, and this also allowed heat to be evenly distributed throughout the bowl causing a breakthrough dose in one hit.

DMT breakthrough

Kicking In

After taking the massive DMT hit, there were seconds before I was there. However, I was aware that I had vaporized my strongest dose ever. In those couple seconds, everything was shapeshifting with smooth encompassing energy that covered my field of vision. I layed down, closed my eyes, and I was there.

Being in Hyperspace

The DMT world is extremely fast, chaotic, and beyond comprehension. I remember feeling out of control and absorbing into the environment with no idea what was going on. There were alien lifeforms that were operating alien machinery, but all of it made little sense. The only thing soft about the experience was I that I was conscious and was in sort of a trance. My DMT trip report can never do it justice, but I try!

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  1. Ellish

    A story of Two Tales! With a Meth pipe in my hand yet question why you would want to try DMT? I paid for a gram and 10 grams of Shrooms yet I find myself not even curious, which shocks me. All I can tjonl of is WHY did it take that first hit. Now, I’m just another Meth addict @