1. AlmostGood

    Im addicted to benzos and I must say your videos helped me so much! When your android app is coming out? I have to say without your videos etc. i couldnt have been three months sober. Thank you from my bottom of my heart!

    1. CG Kid Post author

      The android is out it still needs touching up and I need the messenger app on Android as well. You can find it in google play. And I’m glad I helped bro! People like you keep me inspired to keep going

  2. guccisensei

    Idk how many times i have abused xanax I have done extremely stupid shit when i was blacked out on many bars id wake up and pop 4 at a time. These were double dosed bars and it wasnt a smart thing I agree with you FUCK xanax. Its not worth it

    1. CG Kid Post author

      It’s crazy cause it’s too easy to blackout. I eat them like candy or the high isn’t great. Kinda like overly glorified sleep pills that can kill you lol

      1. guccisensei

        Its really gnarly and im honestly glad I got out of it when I could and didn’t even have seizures… some friends of mine say I got really lucky and I believe it. Withdrawal off that was the worst I ever had. I also ate them like candy my friends would tell me I wasn’t ever able to put them down we was in a mcdonalds once and i was still popping them there it was insane. I can only remember some of these events if that.

  3. lucifer

    Hi I’ve tried find someone who talks about his experience with lean but I couldn’t find anything like that. It would be pretty nice if u could make a video about it. Sry if my English isn’t the best I’m German😁

  4. Joe

    hi mate. are you gonna reupload your mdma vid on youtube (or here)? It would do wonders for a presentation.

  5. Sailfortheorient

    I am in a difficult situation where I don’t know if I need xanax or if xanax is making things worse. I have revently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which makes it very difficult for me to sleep, among other things. The xanax is the only thing some nights that helps me go to sleep. But as the pain and sleep issues have developed gradually, I have no coue whether my reliance on xanax is a result of my disease, or the xanax itself. I take the lowest possible dose .25mg about five times a week at night and have for a year, but that is enough to change your brain chemistry. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. Xanax is unhealthy but so is a lack of sleep and sleep is important to my immune health. Also, I have no guarantee that if I disnt take xanax that I would feel any better, as I have an actual illness (although I also have lots of anxiety, which I think makes me more prone to illness and susceptible to xanax addiction. I feel like there is no solution