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  • BarbDance posted an update 1 day ago

    I am here to get help and support to stop abusing adderall and hydrocodone. I have tried many times and failed.

  • Itzgreen posted an update 1 day, 10 hours ago

    Feel like I’m stuck between two doors with both keys. Knowing what door leads where and what is what I guess my question is why do I still have two keys two options. I’m picking the door to sobriety and I’m finally throwing the other key away. Today is a good day

    • mishell replied 1 day ago

      Good for you man! Youll find good like mind ppl here .Your so not alone in your thinking. This shit aint easy, so glad you found us .. We are here for you! I sent you a pm. Hope to chat soon!

    • Hell ya bro! Keep us posted!

  • Evil saint posted an update 1 day, 13 hours ago

    7 months clean. #babysteps

  • Hello posted an update in the group Group logo of BenzodiazepineBenzodiazepine 1 day, 21 hours ago

    Me and my friend had plans to do Xanax,
    After the whole lil peep thing i was wary and pretty nervous. We have both done a few drugs but only enogh to count on one hand. Never benzos.
    This was a step up for us.
    After watching CG Kids video on Xanax and his videos in geneal it made me not want to do it i didnt.
    My friend however did
    We had a week…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 3 days, 3 hours ago

    SUPER heavy heart this morning ๐Ÿ™
    I work w the elderly, and for one client I could not help but become close.
    Recently she has been declining, and her care was palliative. .
    This morning I woke to find out that I will not be going to see her as she passed last night w family surrounding her body and her beautiful soul.
    Completly at rest and very…[Read more]

    • Death is so painful ๐Ÿ™ I’m glad you’re remaining positive! I’m here for you anytime!

      • thanks CG. I chose to work close to those who are transitioning into the last years of their lives so thankfully I am well educated in handling it.. but I am glad I have a councilor who specializes in care aid grief along w all the other crap haha.. thanks again, this one was a little tougher, im a lot better today tho.. poor lady, im happy she…[Read more]

  • Carter553 posted an update in the group Group logo of PornographyPornography 3 days, 16 hours ago

    If it be porn or any other industry that can take a persons image and reduce it down to act or fetish , forgetting that the actual person that you are viewing is actually a person is really real is the basis of porn. I personally enjoy my doses of it but as I can easily turn it on , I also can easily turn it off. I believe that excessive use of…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 3 days, 16 hours ago

    Made a nice dinner w my man now for icecream and cheesy ass 80s movies.. Cant say i dont love him to endure his netflix list … Lol.. Hope everyones okay. Prob will be back on in the am.. I live in Pacific timezone so thats like 10 hrs but ill try to check in. Night peeps!

  • Carter553 posted an update in the group Group logo of MethamphetamineMethamphetamine 4 days, 2 hours ago

    I happened upon your vid on the terrible effects of meth. I was a stray user about 5 years ago and I can tell you exactly how powerful this drug is. I took it in pipe form and it turned my life upside down. What is strange about the effects is that it tries to convince you the the drug taking is not playing a major part of your oncoming problems.…[Read more]

    • I relate heavily, meth is very deceptive. When I was smoking it I didn’t think it was that bad, I compared it to ecstasy that was socially accepted and said to myself “this is just cheaper and more fun.” WRONG. Both drugs are dangerous, but with meth, I lost more than any substance abuse! Everyone’s drug of choice is different per individual based…[Read more]

  • Spirit17 posted an update in the group Group logo of MethamphetamineMethamphetamine 4 days, 8 hours ago

    Today is day 100 of sobriety for me after a year of hell and destroying everything I loved thanks to Meth. I miss it every single day and found your video yesterday as emotional and challenging as you did. I know I can never go there again. Thanks CG Kid. At times of vulnerability I go to your videos to remind me that I can keep sober!

  • Hello, decided to give some input on my usage with amphetamines(DISCLAIMER: This story is kinda long, Iโ€™m on drugs). Particularly Adderall, as well as Vyvanse. Been using Vyvanse for only about a month but used Adderall for about 12 months. Only been using for about 13 months at this point. So it all began with the classic โ€œYou got ADHDโ€. Iโ€™m 1…[Read more]

  • mishell posted a photo 4 days, 21 hours ago

    Perks of the job! ..this one’s for Melvin #officespace. 😆

    Perks of the job! ..this one’s for Melvin #officespace. 😆 20180612_172352
  • CG Kid posted a photo 4 days, 21 hours ago

    Android owners, hit add to home screen for the app with push notifications 🙂 let me know if it’s not there someone said it wasn’t. received_617918968569569

    Android owners, hit add to home screen for the app with push notifications 🙂 let me know if
  • mishell posted an update 4 days, 23 hours ago

    NEW CHAT GROUP FOR NEWCOMERS AND THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TALK TO.. Hoping to make it a place that is checked often for new members /those who need to talk while they feel like doing so..
    Find help in the new group chat called new to sp

  • ranga72 posted an update in the group Group logo of Never aloneNever alone 5 days, 3 hours ago

    I’m feeling pretty shit right now. The person who I trusted and cared for the most that has reassured me so many times that she’d never abandon me has cut me out so protect herself.
    My substance use over the last few months has scared her. She didn’t tell me until a few weeks ago because she didn’t think I’d listen. After telling me she hasn’t…[Read more]

    • You’re speaking my language, this exact thing happened to me and I’m convinced 100% I wouldn’t be sober today if it didn’t. Try to be balanced, there’s hope that someone told her to leave with both your best interest in mind, don’t be hopeless but don’t cling on to hope either. You could get better and she’ll come back around, you’ll be a lot…[Read more]

  • I’m only in high school but I started binge drinking a couple years ago. From there I got hooked on painkillers, speed and molly. I refused to admit I was an addict until I lost all my friend’s, overdosed twice and my family was getting very suspicious. If I quit one drug, I move on to another. I’ve tried to quit dozens of times but I still…[Read more]

    • That’s awesome man! You got your whole life ahead of you and are doing the next right thing! Very proud of you and grateful I’ve inspired positive transformation!

  • @philip last night I couldn’t sleep and the 2 hours I cought of sleeping I had a dream about meth it was weird because you said that on one of your vids I saw like 10 of them

    • Yeah bro, it’s just a dream is my best advice. Brush it off and keep going. But I know how hard that is, it gets a lot easier to deal with. Are you going to any support groups?

    • Hopefully yes pretty soon you think there’s any free ones ?

      • CG Kid replied 5 days ago

        Yeah, AA, NA, SMART Recovery (more group therapy style). AA and NA can come off as religious with their praying and God bombs but there’s a lot of good for one bad. Having local supportive friendships with likeminded people that have longterm sobriety is a big plus. Having a place to go when you’re down or craving. Getting out of your head by…[Read more]

      • CG Kid replied 5 days ago

        If you Google “SMART Recovery” or “AA near me” you’ll find one for sure. I prefer AA because I get triggered at NA, but everyone’s different and every group is different. I’d shop around if the first one makes you uncomfortable.

    • Gotcha ima look into that man you ever thought about having more people on your youtube show and talk about their experiences my problem is anxiety and depression

      • For sure, also on the website. @mishell was the first content video submission by a member for this site, I’m excited to publish it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hell yeah dude I like to see different aspects you know

  • I am on my 3rd day of being sober from meth coke pain killers Xanax Molly ecstasy

  • โ€œObstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.โ€ โ€“Henry Ford

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